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HEAD 2 HEAD: If Ja-Redo is Better than CJay, Then Is he Better Than J-Slught?

HEAD 2 HEAD: If Jaredo is better than CJay,then Is he better than J-Slught?

These few days there have been a tussle of power on who is the Prince of Afro pop music in Liberia, and many names have actually popped up. It would have been less competitive if we were just going for the best singer among them, but CIC recently raised the bar by adding some attributes that are quite interesting in a post that was actually perceived to be directed at CJay, CIC stated“He writes his own songs, record his own vocals, premix it, dress well, humble and good stage
His name is JA-REDO. A name that is so relevant in the industry alot these days.
Call this SHOT FIRED, I don’t care😎“. So as we all know, Kizzy W writes CJay‘s songs, CJay doesn’t know pin about producing and when it comes to dressing, mehn! CJay really needs to work on that.. Honestly CJay is as good as Ja-Redo but these other criterias writes him off, so should I just say Ja-Redo is the Prince of Afro pop music? I know right now some people will be like “So Edwin you don’t think Stunna has what it takes”, by the way Stunna is doing great things but he needs to do greater stuffs. His sound is too straight forward, no extra sauce like CJay and Ja-Redo‘s music, honestly I wonder how come he out shined J-Slught at Swag District, cause if we really look at it, Stunna is actually pikin to J-Slught when it comes to music, no offense but J-Slught is more talented than Stunna in all dimensions. Thank God J-Slught has nothing to do with people like Tmark and Co no more, they claim to know about music but don’t no jack. J-Slught new management which is an international record label seems to be ready to take J-Slught to the level that no Liberian musician has been.
Now Ja-Redo is having the time of his life, infact the video to one of his recent hits just dropped ” Wait For You”, its a lovely video mehn! Top class. But Ja-Redo shouldn’t get too comfortable cause there’s a big threat to his throne, and that is J-Slught. I know the Brabi CIC can’t say I am not correct cause everything you think  Ja-Redo can do J-Slught can do, infact J-Slught seems to be a better vocalist and producer, J-Slught has actually moved from just recording and premixing but can make beats too…to add he is a great pianist, and has a good Fashion sense unlike CJay. We should look out for an awesome next year, because the competition between Ja-Redo and J-Slught is a game changer…juicy gossips from both camps and great music too. It’s going to be just like a movie…Watchout!!!

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