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J Slught Manager And Swag District Top Executive Jerome Takes A Step That Will Illuminate Liberia



Attending the Pelham foundation District spelling bee was great, i was really encouraged that positive change is becoming rapid in our nation now,by the way I have a short story to tell you before I reveal the wonders of Jerome Pelham to you. I have never really liked French, so having to do French in my freshman year wasn’t good news for me at all.Interestingly my French Lecturer gave us an assignment, but it was to write a letter to someone that you have deep feelings for, and this letter was to be written in English Language, I was happy to know our assignment was in English but I was wondering why? Since we are studying french not english.Then he replied, I Just want to know how many of you can express yourself in English before I even think of French, cause the use of standard English is very poor in thisnation.we all laughed at his statement,but it was clear that he was saying the truth. The Swag district boys are know for hosting dope parties at almost every dope event center you can think of in the city,so it came more like a surprise to me when I heard of the spelling bee Jerome was kicking off in his district. I really wanted to know what inspired this, cause for a top music executive likeJerome, what’s better than parting at exotic places? The moment I had a chance to interview him, I couldn’t do but ask him what inspired him.Jerome with so much excitement in him explained how the Pelham Foundation was Just an idea that popped out of his head on the 23rd of August.The idea was so great that he couldn’t keep it to himself but share itwith his close friends and family, Jerome had so much gratitude in his voice has he spoke about the love and moral support he has gotten from his friends and family.While interviewing Jerome, I was so inspired that I asked him,”Will you one day run for the President of this nation? “,Jerome laughed and said maybe one day. By the way I was only asking that question cause of what I saw in him, I saw a man with true leadership skills, A man that can transform a desert into a green land filled with trees,lakes and every great development you can think of.Jerome made it clear to me that the Pelham Foundation is all about Charity, providing unique solutions to problems Just to put a smile on someone’s face.Jerome said the Spelling bee is just a start of the great things we are about to see from his Foundation, he said they are two or more projects to exercise before the year runs out, and nextyear will be a blast. Personally I was happy I didn’t miss the Spelling bee for anything in the world, it wasn’t below expectation at all. For the first winner we had Benjamin A Tangabay from the Free Pentecostal Global Mission High School, and the Second winner was Titus Siafa from the William R. Tolbert Memorial High School.The first winner went home with the sum of 150 us dollars, and the second winner went home with 75 us dollars.I can’t wait for the next event Pelham Foundation will be hosting, I can’t wait to see them put a smile on someone’s face.


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