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Go Queen V, Go Bavaria Beer!!!

Go Queen V, Go Bavaria Beer!

Bavaria Beer is in Liberia and guess what? QUEEN V is its brand ambassador.

“Bavaria Beer is a very nice beer and has no hangover, but drink it responsibly; not for under eighteen (18)”, QUEEN V Told Plus Liberia yesterday in an exclusive interview. The New brand ambassador of the product disclosed that the advertisement starts this Sunday, January 14, 2017 at 4pm, at Club Wanwosu during its ‘happy hour’. “So, be there and have you a wonderful time”! Queen V will be there with several other Liberian Artists to grace the occasion. So you see na, the jue is back and hot and she’s a Bavarian. You can be one too! Go Queen V go Bavaria Beer!

Written By: O. Saydee-Zarthy Sayweah [Editor PlusLiberia]

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