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SPOTLIGHT: Do You Think Revoluxon ‘s Move From Floyd Nation To SNG Will Make Him The Man Of The Year?

SPOTLIGHT: Do You Think Revoluxon ‘s Move From Floyd Nation To SNG Will Make Him The Man Of The Year?

As we all know, the beginning of the year is popularly known for resolutions, New plans and strategies, most times we hardly keep to this New promises cause as humans it’s easy to say than do{Laughs}. One of my favourite New year resolution is actually not from me, funny enough, but from a New kid on the block, Who has made himself one of the pillars of trapco music and streethop in Liberia, Mehn! It is no one but the rave of the moment Revo D Devil {Smiles}.

Why did Revo leave Floyd Nation for SNG? Actually, from the horses mouth, Revo said he left Floyd Nation cause he needed to Elevate, to my surprise many people had a big issue with this word “Elevate” a lot of people started calling him Ingrate and all sort of negative word they could think of{Laughs}.But wait o! How on earth is Revo an Ingrate? Shouldn’t music be built on business plans and not sentiment? As for me, I think Revo has paid his dues, at one point I can say without Revo there would be no Floyd nation{Smiles}, OK…let me try to place my words well cause I know you people now, you will start saying Edwin has opened his Basket Mouth again{Laughs}, OK let me put it like this, You know how Messi or C.Ronaldo grew to the extent that you will think without them their teams can’t survive, that’s just the same way Revoluxon made himself the Most Valuable Player in Floyd Nation, and the same way it’s not a crime for Messi or C.Ronaldo to accept big offers from other clubs that’s the same way it’s not a sin that Revo switched to SNG.

See, one thing you should know about life is that the higher you go in Life, the higher your financial worth should be, People calling you a dope rapper or singer, or having a lot of shows without pay doesn’t pay the bills, Every musician has his or her time, and when it’s your time please don’t be a fool, Please think on your feet before you fall and won’t be able to rise again. Kizzy W won’t go on a show and start performing Revo’s songs, we all know how Kizzy respects himself, but I can’t count how many times T.Floyd will go on stage and perform Revo’s songs as if they belong to him, it’s just that Revo seems to be a cool headed person that’s why him and T.Floyd never had serious issues over this. Another observation is, Revo has dropped some songs lately, and they barely went viral the way they should have, especially for a star artist like Revoluxon Rocky mehn! Am sure Revo sat down and said to himself: Mehn! I can’t be depending on my popularity to do the promotion for me, I need to be with someone that really knows the breakdown of music.

Do you know what I love about Revo’s move to SNG? I love the versatility that you will see him exhibiting, cause he was becoming too predictable at Floyd Nation, and the moment you become too predictable as an artist you lose your shine. Revoluxon New song featuring Kizzy W is totally incredible, and trust me more of that will soon been bursting your speakers from the SNG camp through Revoluxon, cause Revo can only get better mehn! Let’s just be honest and stop the sentiment, with a great personality like Kizzy Revo will Elevate for sure. Anticipate!!!



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