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STRAIGHT TALK: Why is it that we no longer have Hit Songs from Kobazzie?

STRAIGHT TALK: Why is it that we no longer have Hit Songs from Kobazzie?

I really don’t understand why some people can be so comfortable with their past glory, refusing to understand that what keeps you in the mouth of people is consistency.

Actually, I think Kobazzie has become easily satisfied with the garri yoko the Entertainment Industry has placed in his plate when he could be eating something better Like Fried rice, chicken, salad and then drink a big bottle of juice to top it up{Laughs}. To be honest with you, I still don’t know how Kobazzie could collaborate with two Super duper Stars, CIC on the song Salaado, and Deng on the Song Love, and still couldn’t provide a hit song, have you also thought of it? Or do you think he should just head back to Bilikon Entertainment, Cause Kobazzie will never release a song under CEO Lyee Bility and the song doesn’t go viral, Mehn! that song must be a hit. Kobazzie, I should tell you that I am a very big fan, your voice is like butter melting on hot bread bro, I love your style of music mehn! I know right now you think you’re having the time of your life travelling around the world, today England tomorrow U.S.A, and so on, that’s exactly how the Prodigal Son in the Bible also felt until when all his resources finished. Do you know what I like about that guy? He quickly realised that he was heading for his doom and ran back to his Father to be uplifted, at the end of the day his Father received him back as if he didn’t hurt a fly, he was completely forgiven.

Kobazzie, you may never want to step your foot at Bilikon Entertainment no more cause you had issues with CEO Lyee Bility Bossing you around, But bro won’t you prefer to be locked up in a Palace and be called a King then to be set free on the streets and be a Nobody? But if you insist bro, then you have to offer yourself things you were offered at Bilikon so you can soar like the Eagle that you’re.

First of all, your Lyrics was strictly monitored, I can remember an interview with the Brabi Lyee, and he said to me that he was so concerned about the message you put out there to the extent that he even writes for you, Interestingly he said that’s why your massive hit with CIC took you practically 3months to work on, cause Pana by Tekno had everyone under a spell and his biggest dream was to break that Spell with an Evergreen hit from his son Kobazzie that had words that would hardly be ignored. Secondly Bro, there was massive promotion for your brand at Bilikon, one thing big artist don’t joke with is promotions, the moment you allow your fame get into your head thinking that alone will sell your music, then you should be getting ready to be irrelevant. Thirdly Kobazzie, You had a team, and that team made it easy for you to do things you wouldn’t have done if it was just only you, Bro if you can’t find yourself with a team like Bilikon Entertainment then you have to get yourself a better one, or you will just be as bad as an Artist that never made hit songs bro.


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