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Celebrity Corner: Who is Artus Frank?

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Celebrity Corner: Who is Artus Frank?

Gregory Artus Frank also known as Frank Artus, is a Liberian actor, director, and producer in the West African film industries.

Before taking over the Ghanaian and Nigerian movie industries, he worked diligently, helping Liberian filmmakers in Liberia, Nigeria and Ghana with his personal resources.
Artus also recruited, transported, maintained and secured acting jobs for several of our Liberian actors in Ghana and Nigeria, where they acted alongside famous world renowned stars.
With Artus personal resources, he brought one of Nigeria’s biggest star Mr IBU to Liberia and casted him with some of our stars.
Frank began his career in Liberia. Shortly afterwards, he branched out to Ghana where he worked at Venus Films, then eventually moved on to shoot movies in Nigeria (Nollywood). After acting in minor roles in Liberia, Artus wrote, directed, and starred in the movie Juetey (Children’s Business). In 2008, Jutey won six awards including best writer, best supporting actress, and movie of the year. Juetey was Frank’s first attempt at screenwriting.

Since then he has filmed more than 100 movies. He has been nominated for many awards, and won the Best International Actor award for 2012 at the African Academy Awards. He also won the Hall of Grace Award 2013. One of his best-known films is 2012’s Order of the Ring, in which he performed in the nude.
Instagram: @iamfrankartus

(A Act. To Watch Out For)

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