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I still cant believe SKINNYBOI KPANTO and REVOLUXON jumped on a song and all they could do is make a mess of themselves, and practically played with our intelligence because we were expecting a collabo that would bring a positive change to the rap game, but instead of this guys to express creativity all we can see rightnow is a grand showcase of stupidity. Honestly, it would have actually made sense if they both went on seperate tracks to diss eachother than going on one song to cause unnecessary chaos.

KPANTO yes! the street is saying you ate REVO on that song, now are you satisfied? i wont blame KIZZY If he sees you and your boss AFO4DOE as grown babies, its not until you jump on a track with REVO for you to prove to us that youre better, by the way the same street that says you killed REVO on TROUBLE still think REVO is 100% better than you, so KPANTO what did you really prove now? Afo4doe if KIZZY accusation about you stealing the beat file is true then do you know that you can actually be sued by SNG RECORDS? But wait, you may have an escape route, and thats if there was no contract or official agreement made for that collaboration, then youre practically a free man. KIZZY had a talk with one of our correspondents from PLUSLIBERIA, and this is what i understand from everything he said: KIZZY W made it clear to us that the whole KPANTO and REVO thing is actually a PR move to actually help REVO push his forthcoming single…

Hmm! KIZZY can lie o! i am not saying a new song is not coming from REVO o! but the KIZZY we know will not allow his artist go on a song thats actually going to affect his image negatively in order to promote another song, thats why rightnow the best question to ask my people is, Is Revoluxon in safe hands?
In a Facebook post AFO4DOE wrote “NEWTON KIZZY WOYEH IS FAKE” by the way what do you think of this statement? I Personally i am so dissapointed in KIZZY W, So kizzy youre telling me you cant control the only artist you have? A thought creeped into my mind, and it got me thinking if truly REVOLUXON is a signed artist to SNG, So i took time to google the Artist in SNG RECORDS, and interestingly REVO’S name was no where to be found. The names that appeared are YUNG MUSE, KIZZY W and NEST JSON, So Mr Newton we need answers, cause instead of REVO elevating as we expect, he is becoming so irrelevant that even a ghost is becoming more recognisable than him.

Imagine if there was actually one very big investor that wants to pump money into the liberian music industry, and the moment he hears TROUBLE, Do you think he will still go on or he will just take our industry as a foolish joke? KIZZY, AFO4DOE and KPANTO didnt put a gone to your head to feature your artist or even to have you work on the song with them, you could have easily insisted on KPANTO and REVO taking a different approach on the song, REVO wasnt forced to go head to head with kpanto, its just obvious that the moment you realised that KPANTO murdered REVO you felt the song was wack,Yes! the song is wack but your intentions were as selfish as the ones of AFO4DOE and his boy.

KIZZY W you should have applied the wisdom you claim you have from onset not now that the damage has been made, then you are trying to claim righteous guy.


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