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I have a feeling that Stunna thinks i don’t like him, especially from the way his Management, TMark and the Swag District Boys reacted when i wrote that Head 2 Head Article comparing JAREDO, CJAY, JSLUGHT, AND STUNNA, by the way that Masterpiece got the attention of the Nation and that got some people acting so immature to the extent that i got some funny threats. One thing STUNNA should know is that if no one tells him the truth in this world, I EDWIN MOHAMMED ELIC-JALEIBA will come up to his face and tell it to him, not because i hate him, Never! but because i am a very big fan of his music, even as i write this piece i am listening to “DADDY” that song is fire! imagine that song dropped last year and clubs cant just stop jamming it till now, STUNNA you the Man. One reason why i honestly felt STUNNA may not be able to impress this year in that Article is not because he is not a fantastic musician, let me ask, How did you feel when you heard his cover song “Would you still love me?”, my own experience was kind of deep, i was going through a funny phase in one of my relationships, and that song just gave me so many reasons not to give up on love, trust me i held that beautiful piece of music so dear to my heart that it became a part of me.

Rumors have it that STUNNA did that cover song for his girlfriend, imagine how blown away she would have been, the emotions on that song was just totally real, the delivery was just out of this world, Mehn! That was the extra sauce i was talking about when i slammed him for being too predictable, he had that sauce at one point of his career but got too comfortable like our brother Kizzy W who no longer knows how to write good lyrics that touches the soul, but drops a song like BAM that just cant meet up to the weight of the hit songs he has, i dislike the way Kizzy sang that song as if he recorded it for only his own listening pleasure, What a selfish move? But thank GOD stunna is no longer sleeping in overconfidence, i have heard his new songs after the cover and they are really good.

Stunna was working so hard but he was under-rated only because of one thing, and that is street credibility, JAREDO and CJAY have amazed me based on how they have been able to satisfy the streets with their sweet melodies, these days its so impossible for me to walk through a street without hearing Stunna”s voice shooting from somewhere, right now Liberia is hungry for that talented young man.

How did STUNNA get it right? Let me start from the obvious, his collaboration with JAREDO really went viral and that was just it for STUNNA, from there the streets heard a voice they are kind of familiar with but that voice have not fully registered in their brains, immediately in the nature of my music loving Liberians they went in search of STUNNA’S old jams and got totally hooked to the brand.

Secondly, the way STUNNA carries himself is incredible, he doesn’t make himself common to anyone, from the way he dresses to how he attends to issues, then to top it boy STUNNA knows how to give you a good performance on stage.

STUNNA this is coming from your number one fan Edwin, no one should steal your Joy away from you, keep doing music no matter what happens, and never be afraid to try new sounds, you are respected and loved…Your brand is international, stay tops man, Liberia got your back.


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