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Wow! Wow! Wow! our Entertainers have really been playing their cards right, it’s been a win win situation for both the Entertainers and the Fans.Am sure you may have come across this saying “There are three types of people in this world: The black man, the white man, and the Liberian man”, as much as these words would create a comic relief, there’s a way it can also make you sad when fully digested

The Liberian Man has been under the stigma of backwardness for so long, Like everyone i have always thought that our political Leaders would be the ones to bring the positive change but interestingly many of them have done other wise. You shouldnt be surprise when you ask a young boy who he wants to be like in the future and he says CRALORBOI CIC or A Little girl and she says WOKIE DOLO. See, Liberia now has a New wave of LEADERS that practically have nothing to do with the mentallity that you have to be in the government for you to be mightyly successful, some of us have tattoos, wear earrings and funny hairstyles but that does not mean that we are the ZOKO’S on the streets but regarded as superstars and innovators for our creative minds by fans that follow us religiously with so much love.

The word shoot used to be a terrifying word but now its freely used cause instead of it being attached to guns based on the wars this Great Nation has survived, it’s now a word popularly attached to the camera lenses of vibrant photographers like Lorenzo who is also Liberia’s most respected videographer/Photographer, Muana Kamara and the likes of so many others. This young heart beat at every opportunity to enhance the beauty of whatever his eyes touches, the CEO of Team West Nation Visuals is a total wonder. Shoot now goes along with the word Photo to put a smile on someone’s face, no longer tears and a symbol of destruction.

The New Liberia, that’s what you should call us, We are disciples of True love and positivity, and we preach this gospel through the talents GOD has placed in our hands: Music, Acting, Writing, Fashion[TAILORING AND MODELLING],Comedy, Art, and so many more. Our Government gain their wealth mainly from IMPORTATION through the Freeport, which is not so bad, but things would actually be much better if our strength is built on EXPORTATION, When the good things of our land can be taken to other countries for consumption. But this is why i am so happy, the New Liberia doesn’t have sleepless nights, working so hard on its selling point, and bit by bit the international world is recognizing our craft, the sound of our music: Deng has been nominated for MTV Base Awards, the Fashion Industry: Liberian made clothes are in demand in foreign lands cause of the needle and threads of designers like KLOTH BY KANDI and RINNA CLOTHINGS, and so many more.

Our Top models like Deddeh Howard are doing justice to International Runways, While Musicians like 2c can proudly say that i am signed to an International Record Label, Which is actually Akon owned Konvict Music. To add, A Boy like me sits right in front of my computer to fill the pages of a Notepad with very intelligent words, and what i get in return is the all Nation calling me Liberia’s most respected Entertainment Analyst and Celebrity Writer,Mehn! it was never like this before, Entertainment wasn’t considered as anything once upon a time, Now we have Multinational companies competing with each other to invest in us, Behold! This is the New Liberia, and we are indeed going to take this country to the state of greatness that it deserves. #TheNewLiberia


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