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                           Arblakolo Gaye

Arblakolo Gaye is an amazing person, trust me when i say that she has a soul as pure as the springs. I would have expected her to be judgemental the moment she saw me, you know the way this church people can behave sometimes when they observe that you wear earrings, have a dyed hair and so on, but the Grebo Princess received me into her home with open arms.

The Grebo Princess is a Giant in the Gospel Music genre, while interviewing her in the company of her manager Pastor Isaac the CEO of Nanetu Music International, he said to me “The Grebo Princess don’t only have numerous soul lifting songs Edwin, but i can say to you that she has the best videos in the whole of Liberia when it comes to Gospel Music, She has over 50 music videos”. She had a sweet smile on her face to confirm all that her Manager was saying, As for me i was totally impressed cause before we started talking about how much efforts and resources she puts into her videos, she mentioned how gospel musicians are poorly supported, churches expect you to come perform for free, but wouldnt consider the fact that you spend money to shoot these videos and also record these songs, so as for her it has been a journey of her sacrificing so much for her dreams, ignoring alot of things that should discourage her.

The Grebo Princess took me back to when she started her career as a Gospel Musician, It was in 2002 when she was a backup singer for Evangelist Cyrus Thompson, she worked with him on two albums before she went solo so she could build up her own career. Arblakolo Gaye who is popularly known as the Grebo Princess officially became a solo musician in 2003 when she recorded her first single “NONOMUDA”, She said to me “I enjoy singing in my Language, since then until now i have over one hundred songs to my name.”The Grebo Princess is one soul that has a very strong relationship with God, but still i felt it was necessary to ask her what inspires her music, and she replied “God inspires my music, but am highly inspired by the presence of God when i have challenges, at that point my songs can be more personal to me than ever”.

The Grebo Princess just launched a double album, TOO MUCH and LEAVE IT BEHIND ME. TOO MUCH is a complete album with 100% vernacular songs, while LEAVE IT BEHIND ME is a mixed album, it has both Grebo and English songs, the Grebo Princess said she made this move cause her fans were demanding for a double album, and she felt it was necessary to make them happy.

Arblakolo Gaye the Grebo Princess spoke about her forthcoming shows and tour… She said “I have an African tour in April, i will be visiting Nigeria, South Africa, Guinea. A county tour that should be taking me to Maryland County, Grand Geddeh, Grand Kru, Lofa, Bong County, and Nimba County. And to add, i should also be performing at the Power Night, an Exclusive Programme for Bishops, hosted by Bishop Nathaniel Zawe”. Arblakolo Gaye the Grebo Princess is also very for being a supportive arm to other Gospel Artist, apart from owning a commercial studio which allows many of these musicians to have access to be able to record their songs at reasonable prices, the Grebo Princess have embarked on projects just so that some of these Gospel Artist can also be recognised and loved. In 2016, the Grebo Princess fully sponsored a joint album with other Gospel Artist called the Great 8 Album, also in 2017 the Grebo Princess took a step further from her previous joint album to have another joint album, this time including 13 unique Gospel Artist titled the TOTAL PRAISE album.

The Grebo Princess is one person thats not ready to slow down right now in her career, so there is alot to expect from her extraordinary brand.


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