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Celebrity Corner: Talent to Watch Out For (Da Vero)

Celebrity Corner: Talent to Watch Out For (Da Vero)

Veronica Siryon stage name Da Vero Mamie Pepper , an affiliate artist of SOG Records and one of Liberia’s best female artiste.

As her name implies, this young lady has that Mammie Pepper attitude which has made her the face of female artist in Liberia. Her musical career started back in 2013 during which time she released her first hit COPASEAT. This song was more than just a hit, it was music to ears even when Liberia’s entertainment was in its genesis. Da Vero won the best female artist award at the LMA(Liberia Music Awards) in 2015. This achievement vitally helped increase her popularity.
Veronica as she prefers to be called down stage would allow herself to go above limits and sets herself free while on stage. Interestingly, she said “when I’m on stage, I know it’s my field of work, it’s what I do best. So I just give my all”. Veronica captures the attention of her fans, she brings enthusiasm when she hits the stage and always leave people wanting to hear more.
There have been rumors that she appeared on stage with her bare feet, and now she’s sure that the loss of culture have influenced is badly, saying “personality and stage performance matters”.

During an interview, she was asked about her relationship and she said “nothing for now”. She also talked about her new song titled Bad Boys. When she was asked about what inspired her to write the song, the pitch of her voice dropped as she explained that the song is an educational one letting men know how women feel about them. She openly said that the song is a reminder to men.
One thing that sparks out her admiration is the simple way she carries herself, always maintaining a smile with her fans.

With her new surprise trap-co song coming up, Da Vero musical career, style and all that, have made her exceptional.

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