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JB SoulFresh -Hello (Tribute to QB)- [Prod. Duke Blac] (Audio+Lyric)

Hello (QB tribute lyrics)

Hello QB, its me from the other side
i just call to find out how u doing on that other side
Its like I’m dreaming, somebody come open my eyes
So my brother gone for good, he na coming back?

I can’t stand the pain
Good good people dying soon, what kinda world we in?
They say u can’t question God, Father pls forgive me
Wicked people them living why You gatto take him?

My brother gone too soon
21 yrs of age, that age too soon
big dreams, my brotherd had too many big plans
Why he na survive like my others brothers them in da iccedent ?

U got me shock cos ur life is irreplaceable
Up till now ur death is still unbelievable
The world is moving fast running out of time
Quincy B of all person da dead body in the ground na?

I swear i laugh when i first hear ur death news
It was March 3 da who coming give me April fool?
But the caller keep crying on the telephone
Until i dail ur number ah God so that news da true?

It was 1am that night when I had a miss call from u
never knew that miss call was the last call
We support to be in the studio lying vocals
no sickness my Pekin died in cold blood

What becomes of ur followers
He was not only singing, the pekin was a messenger
Easy going, down to earth, i swear to my God
The pekin represents the golden voice of Liberia

Ur death da big blow to the industry
Multi talented Quincy b, we lost a heavy weight
Writer, producer, vocalist, instrumentalist
Mr all the time,no body can take ur place

I know u some where hearing me
Spiritually u seeing all the things that happening
Social media, posting, all the commenting
view on YouTube going high
Now u smiling

U did ur thing my pekin
since u left the game never the same my pekin
Ur fans neh can’t sleep, the feeling too deep
U was a true star the evidence too clear my pekin

After this song, I swear I will not cry again
Rest in peace Quincy B until we meet again
Capital J I represent this other side
I just call to find out how u doing on that other side..
Rest in peace..

JB SoulFresh -Hello (Tribute to QB)- [Prod. Duke Blac]

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