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In my normal nature of being a studio rat, sniffing around every corner of Brain Records to see how i can improve myself as a musician and a producer, i came across someone worth meeting, and that’s one of the kings of New Skool Rap in Liberia NUCHIE MEEK. Chey! His energy can hardly be ignored, i actually thought it’s only when he is on stage performing that’s when he is usually like this, but mehn! NUCHIE made it glaring that he is always at the top of his game at every point of the day.

The studio session was all about the SYLZ O’CLOCK mixtape, SYLZEE and NUCHIE MEEK jumping on one song is total magic, especially when you now have a beautiful mind like SLIM BEATZ as the producer, you should know that its going to be your favorite trapco song for the year. I and NUCHIE got talking, it was inevitable, even NUCHIE knew that he couldn’t be in the same building with me and not get interviewed, so all he simply did was prepare himself to hold nothing back, cause he was aware that my brand is known for delivering exclusive truth to the people.

While interviewing NUCHIE, i realized that he is more of the J.COLE type of rapper, “I am more comfortable rapping about deep subject matters, telling controversial stories, But i don’t do much of that for the Liberian public, cause they are not ready for that now”, Mehn! NUCHIE’S confession got me excited, and that’s because J.COLE is my favorite rapper. I could relate when he said the Liberian Public isn’t ready for conscious rap, by the way its not about the Liberian Public but the world, right now the world is concerned about commercial rap, and if you cant spit your bars to satisfy the world then be rest assured that you would hardly perform at shows and may not be considered for awards.

NUCHIE’S love for underground music is massive, and he stated why “I pay attention to underground artist cause they have a lot of truth to spit out, but the ready made artist don’t have much to give cause they feel that they are already at the top, they feel even if they don’t pay attention to their music the way they should, their fans will still accept the music cause they are already glued to the brand”. I realized that even though NUCHIE is enjoying rapid growth in his music career, he is not ready to let go of his roots, he said his new mixtape “STILL BREATHING” boast of 25% conscious rap, and as time goes by that percentage will increase in future projects. No doubt, there have been a lot of rumors about NUCHIE and i decided to confirm if some of this stories are true.

You could imagine the smile on his face when i asked my questions, First of all i asked about his failing relationship with his manager TMARK, NUCHIE revealed to me that him and TMARK are brothers, the only thing he made clear is the fact that he is a one man army, he doesn’t feel he should be waiting for TMARK to do some stuffs for him when he can actually help himself with it, In his own words “I don’t have problems with my Label,We’ve been through the struggle, i don’t expect TMARK to babysit me, that’s why i move”.With so much wisdom NUCHIE could deny that he has serious issues with TMARK but he couldn’t escape swiftly as he did when i asked him about what’s happening between him and REVOLUXION.”I see no competition for me cause i am the best. I am bigger and better than REVO, If he wants to beef let him beef”, He said this to me after he explained to me that he doesn’t know why REVO is hating on him, he stated ” I woke up one morning and i saw the story just like everybody else, didn’t understand why he would be saying such to me when i actually thought we were cool”.

After listening to NUCHIE it became clear to me that REVO was just looking for cheap publicity to bring himself back as the lion we thought he was, cause the move he made to record that stupid beef song with KPANTO didn’t only make him to disgrace himself by getting chewed by someone we all felt couldn’t match up with him, but also made him lose his street credibility. Another thing NUCHIE said that made me see REVO as a coward is the fact that he met REVO at an hangout a day before this interview, and to his surprise REVO came up to where he was chilling with his friends to say hello by shaking everyone including him.

Honestly mehn! there’s no beef as far as am concerned, REVO is basically looking for a boost for his career. My interview with NUCHIE was super cool, NUCHIE said we should be expecting a lot of videos from him, we should be expecting a collaboration with KONVICT MUSIC Artist FLEX, and he has a new FOR YOU featuring the BOSSCHICK crooner CJAY. Even though he feels that the Liberian Music Industry is hard and choosey, he wouldn’t let that stop his dreams, he would always come through with great stuffs for the people.


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