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I have had so many times i had to place myself in his shoes, so today is not the only day i have to do that, its always hard to stop the tears from rolling down, trying to imagine myelf in a sudden death, having to say goodbye to the world against my wish, Oh! Lord it hurts.

It’s one year now, I wont forget how my lil cousin rushed to my house around 7AM in the morning from his house to tell me that Quincy B is gone, wow! it must be a joke, i said to him, but with the emotions i saw on his face that would be the last thing he would ever joke with in his life.

Quincy B was his Heroe and he couldnt wait until he graduates from high school to finally get his moms blessings to chase his music dreams and also have the opportunity to work with the Legendary Producer and Musician Quincy B.

I am very sure Quincy didnt know he had the heart of the Nation in his hands, we were all totally broken mehn! some people couldnt eat for days or even sleep well, not just friends or family members that knew him personally but total strangers that developed true love for him just from his music.

Alot of rumours came up, Angry fans pointed fingers at a selected few, his manager Lewis McCarthy was hit heavily with critism,”He shouldnt have allowed that poor boy to drive drunk”, people said.

Quincy B was buried like a PRESIDENT, you would almost feel it was NELSON MANDELA that died one more time, the crowd that appeared at the A.T.S was incredible, but the Question i found myself asking myself is that, wouldnt this have been the best day of his life if this was actually him organising a concert and he had these amount of people coming to watch him perform his HIT SONGS? By the way i found out that i was not the only one thinking in this direction, cause my interraction with people made me realise that they also wished they supported Q.B and Liberian music this much, now that he is gone thats when his songs became the National Anthem.

The guilt is the originator of the change we see now, Q.B’S death opened our eyes to see that the Liberian Entertainer is so talented but instead of being treated as a first citizen in his own industry, foreigners have more airplay than him on our radio, Foreign Movies have more views in our cinemas and cherished by the people, Our stadiums and event centers only gets filled when a foreigner is coming to the Nation to perform. Isn’t  this depressing? This alone is the reason why its more as if we dont have an Entertainment Industry.

Interestingly, alot has gone right since the death of the Legend, the attention the Liberian Entertainment scene is getting is remarkable, thank GOD for Platforms like Plusliberia, Record Labels like SOG, BILIKON and so on, Radio and TV Personalities, Big Wigs like DJ BLUE, DOUBLE H and Multinational Companies that have been able to go against all odds to do things the way they should be done so the ENTERTAINMENT in our country will grow.

I am not surprise that QUINCY B is Alive, cause people like that dont just fade away like that, his LEGACY lives on… Long live Quincy B… Long Live Liberia.


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