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SPOTLIGHT: Talent to Watch Out For (Skinnyboi Kpanto)

SPOTLIGHT: Talent to Watch Out For ( Skinnyboi Kpanto)

Franklin Edward Harris commonly known as Skinnyboi Kpanto is a young, talented and energetic Liberian recording artiste. Skinnyboi is a signed artiste to Holy Records.

Before officially taking the spotlight in 2015, Skinnyboi started his musical career in 2014 but at that moment, there was so much to give and little to receive.

In 2015 the miracle happen, he was one of those who did the panda freestyle which was a hit song, looking at the way the song was structure you could feel how everyone of the artist has total control with the part they had, I mean a incredibly cover.
This freestyle was also his first song, his open door. It was something he use to shutout the silence of 2014.

Kpanto musical career is being manage by Augustine Ford who is widely and popularly known as AFOR4DOE.

Afo4doe is a hard working recording artist, video director, music producer, CEO Holy Records and one of Liberia best in town. Managing Skinnyboi is a power pack of professionalism, which is being unfolded day by day, he been his manager since the journey of Skinnyboi music career.

Kpanto with the song Judgment Day, I mean at some point in the song the words sounds harsh and emotional which leave him pouring out himself. With all that, if you listen to the song you’ll understand that it all letting out, about how people have problems with what you do even if it’s good, another life lesson he made clear in this song talks about LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO SATISFY EVERYBODY, God!!!! This part of the song was meant for me, it was like talking directly to me at this point. I mean, am one person who want to make everyone fell the best.

Let me tell a bit about Skinnyboi Kpanto, I haven’t know him for a long time but I enjoy his simple and humble kind of life style, yeah! he’s one of the most simple artiste, very assessable, fearless and it’s easy to get along with him, his kind of music style goes with a lot of pure emotions, spelling out all his guts why he take the mic. From what I know his songs most often describe his present stage of life, his personal experience.

Kpanto songs are also easy to understand because of how clear its sang and written, he have a nice page which is very good and always try to keep it on the table, another admirable thing about him, is the way he keeps his fans up to date with his activities.

Written by: Choicee Gardia [Editor Plus Liberia]

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