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The Good News is that we are no longer struggling to be heard by our own people, Gone are those days when Foreign songs was practically the only reason a Liberian would want to sing to the top of his voice and dance as if there is no tomorrow, Hmm…If it was not an American song playing, it would be Nigerian, Ghanaian and so on, Every soul and ceremony joyously moved to the rhythm of these Master Hits,  At that point the Liberian Musician had no hope of being respected as a musician in his own country, Mehn! What a sad story? But let me ask, Would you blame the Liberian Man for not appreciating his own music? As for me, i would love to say that a Liberian Man is a Typical Example of a Man that loves good life, and trust me, one inseparable part of Good life is good music, so i dont think we should judge the Liberian Man cause as at that time the Liberian Music we can boast of is a far cry from what we have now, Mehn! The music we have now is just Great, So pleasant to the ears.

To be honest with you, from the first day i heard that The Trap Soul King SAMMI CAINE Who is also good at other genres like Afro Pop and so on, actually as a Collaboration with the Bosschick CJAY that should be dropping soon, Chey! I have been super excited, and that’s ’cause i know that song would have a world class touch, i really love listening to Liberians that have made it their signature to deliver to International Standards. You may not hear some of these guys everywhere as you should and that’s because the Liberian Man is still taking his time to come to the understanding that What a Foreigner can do a Liberian Musician can do better.One thing i am very good at is reading minds, and no doubt i know there’s someone outhere that actually feels SAMMI CAINE has paid me heavily to promote him with this article, but one thing you should know is that he hasn’t, When you put your best into what you love and people recognise you as a master in your craft, people will favour you without your permission, alot of good things will just be coming your way at free cost.

Yes! I know Sammie Caine is not the only Under-rated Artist in Liberia, Some people may want to add YUNG Z to the list. Yung Z is very Talented but he has used his owned hands to bury himself so quickly into the world of No flexibility to the extent that children like NUCHIE MEEK and REVO have become brabi to him in the game…YUNG Z’S rap is so damn easy to predict.Interestingly his CEO LYEE BILITY confirmed his Artist irrelevance by verbally crowning NUCHIE MEEK the best rapper in Liberia, Mehn! Isn’t that Funny? So i wouldn’t be wise if i say he is under-rated ’cause he doesn’t even stand to be a threat to many musicians no more. I would rather be applauded if i say CO-Z is under-rated, and that’s because has the King of HIPHOP he still doesn’t get the respect and treatment he deserves compared to the way Kings of the Rap game are being treated in other countries.

Venny is another wonder, His growth from a Dope producer to an Excellent rapper is as beautiful as when a Caterpillar transforms into a butterfly…Vennybeatz also needs the respect he deserves, He is too good to be under-rated.By the way, Unlike Sammi Caine who is equally gifted, STUNNA dropped a clean and classy video to his song BABY O! trust me, STUNNA was also an unde-rated artist but now he is the rave of the moment. One thing i know is, as long as you keep to what you love, and you can accept constructive criticism, mehn! you will certainly have a breakthrough. KIZZY W, CJAY, STUNNA, JAREDO, and many other Superstars have thought us that GOOD MUSIC made by Liberian’s can survive the test of time, all it takes is consistency and Quality…

I can’t just wait for SAMMI CAINE to be recognised around the world for songs like: Late, No Drama, and the Good songs he is yet to release.To add, His label needs to put more effort into his brand or should let another Label to actually help him live his dreams…Rightnow, as far as i am concerned, Sammi Caine is the Most Under-rated Liberian Musician.


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