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ARTISTE OF THE WEEK: Eric D. Torh (Eric Geso)

ARTISTE PROFILE:  Eric D. Torh better known by his stage name Eric Geso is a Liberian Afropop artist. Born in Gbolikea, Grand Gedeh County, Eric Geso started singing along with his mother when she came home and was singing some melodies from her church choir. His Mother the late Mrs. Oretha Quiah was a member and chorister of the A. G Church, while his father the late Prince Torh was a traditional singer in Liberia during the 80s and late 90s. The name Eric Geso was given to him by his fans and friends who were listening to his distinct vibes.


Background Information :
Birth Name: Eric D. Torh
Born: 15, March 1991
Place of Birth: Gbolikea, Grand Gedeh County Liberia.
Genres: Afropop
Religion: Christian
Occupation: Musician, and Business Man
Talents: Football, Dancing, Singing
Years Active: 2014-Present
Labels: Hard Head Records (CEO)
Associated Acts: CIC, Too Shy, Bucky Raw, Black Diamond, Deng, Pitty D’Best, Soul Fresh
Education: High school graduate, Open Bible High School
Manager: Rudii Vinto
Family: Eric Torh – Son
Erica Torh – Daughter
Princess Quiah – Sister


Early Life:
Eric D. Torh comes from the Krahn ethnic group of Grand Gedeh county. He was born and raised in Gbolikea, Grand Gedeh where as a teenager he was playing soccer and served as his team striker. With the outbreak of the civil crisis in Liberia, Eric Geso and his family moved to Ghana to seek refuge. There in the Buduburam camp, Eric Geso started school at the Buduburam Elem. and Junior High School and the St. Gregory Catholic School in Ghana. He then started singing to the melodies of his mother’s church choir songs. The ability and gene of being a musician came as a result of the fact that, both his parents were talented singers. He started singing at the age of twelve(12) through the inspiration of his mother and some foreign artist like P-Square, Tu.Face, Westlife etc. Still in Ghana he was always singing at his school shows and programs. Spending thirteen(13) years in Ghana, Eric Geso got used to this new style of singing (i.e Afropop) which was introduced by the Ghanaian and Nigerian Artist. Eric Geso can be noted the founder or co-founder of real Liberia Afropop. Though maybe the genre might have existed at the time, but Eric Geso can be noted as one of those who fully brought it to the spotlight in Liberia.


Music Career:
In 2014, Eric dropped his first single ‘I don’t know’, featuring Pitty D’Best produced by Infectious Michael. With much enthusiasm in this style Eric dropped a hit single titled: ‘No Spacing’ produced by Infectious Michael. He kept making hits upon hits consistently which automatically brought him to the spotlight in the industry. The song ‘Number Nine’ on which he was featured by DJ Squeezer, became like a national anthem in the country even a five year old child could perfectly quote the hook and chorus. Whilst the production of all of his songs, Eric was a one man army. He was fully responsible with the financing and promotion of all his songs. On January 5th, 2017, He established the Hard Head Records with its studios located on Benson Street. He’s the CEO, manager and only member of the Record. In 2016 Eric went on his first international tour in Australia with help from Marcus Smith. In that same year he attended a Price Entertainment Concert alongside K-Zee Bigname. It was on March 25th 2018, that Eric hosted his first ever Concert on Bernard’s Beach that brought together thousands of fans from around the country.


Private Life:
Apart from music, Eric Geso is a business entrepreneur who owns several chains of motorcycles running in Monrovia and it’s environs. He is also a good footballer and has his chances at dancing. He is the father of twin, Eric and Erica Torh. During his spare time he loves singing being amongst friends and at the Studio. He’s currently the FAXE Brand Ambassador, and a partner with Chateaux de France.


Being a hitmaker, Ericgeso has consistently dropped hit songs throughout his career those of which includes:
I don’t know ft Pitty D’Best – 2014 Prod. Infectious
No Spacing – 2014 Prod. Infectious
Nua – 2015 Prod. Rawlo
Walkorbor – 2016 Prod. Rawlo
Today Ownpai – 2016 Prod. Rawlo
They Say – 2016 Prod. Stone Luckshine
Fall Down and Die – 2016 Prod. Killerbeat
Go Home – Prod. Quincy B
Number Nine ft by DJ Squeezer – 2016 Prod. Killerbeat
Menu ft DJ Flex – 2016 Prod. Stone Luckshine
I Freakor – 2017 Prod. Rawlo
About You – 2017 Prod. Rawlo
Resurrect – 2017 Prod. Rawlo
Something Good ft Bucky Raw – 2017 Prod. Rawlo
Don’t Blame It On Me ft Teacher Kolokwa – 2017 Prod. Duke Black
MA You Fine ft CIC, JB(Soulfresh) – 2018 Prod. Rawlo
Who They Can’t Talk About – 2018 Prod. Rawlo
Jolly Jolly ft Benji Cavalli – 2018 Prod. Just Prince.


Awards and Nominations:
Royal Plus Artist of the Year – 2014(Awarded)
LMA – Best New Artist – 2015(Awarded)
LMA – Afropop Artist of the year – 2015(Awarded)
LEA – Best New Artist – 2016(Awarded)
LEAA – Artist of the Year Liberia – 2017(Awarded)
LGAA – International Best Golden Artist – 2017(Awarded)
DEA – Best Artist – 2016 (Nominated)
WAFRIC Awards – 2017 (Nominated)
TunesLiberia – 2017(Nominated)
LEA – 2017(Nominated)
LMA – 2017(Nominated)
LGAA – 2017(Nominated)
LEAA – 2017(Nominated)



Written by: Aketella Kerkula Blama [Editor PlusLiberia]

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