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ARTISTE OF THE WEEK: Glapaugar Alphaus Caphart (Acecape)

Glapaugar Alphaus Caphart better known by his stage name AceCape, is a Liberian Afropop artiste. He was born in Harbel Margibi County, and grew up in Harbel Garden, Harbel. His father Mr. Richard Caphart is an employee at Firestone Liberia while his Mother Mrs. Christiana Caphart is an employee at the American Embassy. He has four older brothers including Garmonwohn Caphart (Dr. Lu Beats) who is also a producer and sound engineer. He is most known for his singles Na me suppose to, and Mama which brought him to the spotlight in the industry.

Background Information :
Birth Name : Glapaugar Alphaus Caphart
Born : 19 July 2008 (Age 10) Harbel.
Genres: Afropop
Religion: Christian
Occupation: Student
Years Active: 2015-Present
Associated Acts: Mr. Smith, Jaredo, P. C. K
Education: Student at the Division #45 Elementary School, Firestone Liberia.

Early Life:
Glapaugar Alphaus Caphart originates from the Bassa Ethnic group, Grand Bassa County Liberia. He started singing at the age of six(6) having been inspired by the Nigerian Dancehall Artist Timaya. As a toddler, he would stop crying whenever a Timaya music was played to him. This made him grew more love for the Artiste and got interested in music. With his brother being a producer and sound engineer, Acecape started lip singing several of Timaya’s songs like ‘Popular’ and ‘Dem Mama’ and he was also Freestyling to some of the beats. The stage name AceCape was given to him by his brother Lucape (Dr. Lu Beats) ‘Ace’ is something of high quality. And ‘Cape’ is a nickname for the males in their family including their father who is called ‘Richcape’. AceCape dream of becoming an artist like Timaya started coming to reality when his brother recorded his first single titled Glapaugar and then Shekki Dada and others at their home studio.

Music Career :
AceCape released his first single Glapaugar produced by Lucape in 2015. Shekki Dada and the well received ‘Na me suppose to’ were also produced by Lucape in 2016. The song ‘Mama’ which was released in 2017 gave him the rise to prominence in the industry. In 2017 AceCape had an almost done deal with Mr. Smith ENT which was later cancelled by his father due to some personal protective reasons. Flex of Konvict Music also made a proposal but futher arrangements to strike a deal has not been made. His current manager is DJ. Daddy Freddy based in the U. S.

Shekki Dada-2015
Na me suppose to -2016
Be Happy ft Mr. Smith-2017
Work Hard ft Jaredo-2018
Fiesta ft P. C. K-Dropping Soon

Awards and Nominations:
Liberia Entertainment Awards-Best New Artist-2017 (Nominated)
TunesLiberia Awards-Best New Artist-2017 (Nominated)


Written By: Aketella Kerkula Blama (Editor Plus Liberia)

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