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LIBERIA FASHION POLICE: Should Feouls Scrap Music for Modelling?

ENTERTAINMENT GEEZ: Should Feouls scrap Music for Modelling?

First of all, Feouls is an Afro-pop artiste signed to Jungle Empire records label, with his latest song “Ehn You See Ay” which is currently trending and it’s hot!!!!


Now, let’s look at the big question. But before that, I want us take a good look at some of his pictures below.

Let’s be real, he got all the juice, all the sauce, I mean he got all it takes to be a model. He’s sexy, he’s attractive, his smile is grate, not forgetting his height and most of all, his styles, sense of fashion and the way he blend things together.


He has a way of making the Ladies crushing on him with his stunning looks. But let’s be real, Feouls is the goat when it comes to fashion and we the Ladies are all in for that. His choice of fashion is very amazing, and what amaze me more is the way he kills every swag.


He looks good in everything and knows exactly how to get the public staring like omg! He’s hot!! I believe that Feouls is a fashion killer and will do better as a model, cause that’s what he truly is. He’s handsome and will attract customers/buyers to a goods when advertised by him. When it comes to fashion and styles in the Liberian music industry, he’s just extraordinary.


Feouls is careful with his line of fashion and knows how and when to gets the public attention.

This is a very big Question, and you guys will also  give your input, let us know what you think by hitting the comment box and give us your take. Thanks for reading and stay tone for more stories


Written By: Jartu Gweh [Editor PlusLiberia]

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