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Life is like a very gigantic book, with every human having to be a chapter with it’s own story to tell. Now, When an human dies his chapter closes, or gets a chance to still be open through loved one’s making sure his Legacy and goals lives on.

I know one person that will be so glad that his chapter is still open, and that is My Late Dad Mohammed A. Jaleiba, the Great Simple English Broadcaster. People can be so amazed to know that I and the Chief Editor of FRONT PAGE AFRICA Who is actually one of the most intelligent and respected Minds in this country LENNART DODOO are brothers. Actually he is my big sister’s son, which makes him my Nephew, but for the fact that he is older than me, i see him as my Big Bro[Laughs].I and My Big Bro have been so outstanding in our career as Extraordinary writers that we have been Nominated for the Liberian Youth Awards that is holding in June this year. Eventhough in different Categories cause i am a blogger and he is a News Man. To cut the long story short, The Mohammed Jaleiba Legacy lives on anytime anyone have to read any story from me or my big bro Lennart.

The Legacy is all about informing the people with the truth, Lennart[CHIEF EDITOR FRONT PAGE AFRICA] and I[CHIEF EDITOR PLUSLIBERIA] are a continuation of the Papey. My reason for explaining all these is to make sure you understand me when i start to lament on how those that claim they truly love Quincy B have allowed his dreams to die with him. Or should we argue that QUINCY B’S Chapter hasn’t closed? It’s actually unfair that the Brabi Infectious Michael and his children YUNG CLASSIC and HOMEBOY JETHRO have succeeded in lying to us about Resurrecting QUINCY B from death by keeping Heartbeat Records totally functional, but to our deepest surprise, there is nothing like Heartbeart Records no more. Was it not shortly after QUINCY B’s death the Brabi Infectious Michael sent Yung Classic and Homeboy Jethro to Ghana to learn music production in order to continue the Legacy of their brother? So what did they go and do in Ghana? ‘because they spent more than three months there and came back less productive than they even where.

When they were in Ghana, every minute you would see them on social media posting pictures and bluffing up and down, Now all you can do is see them roaming the streets of Monrovia, but just one beat[Instrumenental] they dont have to their name, talkless of a production credit of someone’s song. Chey! We would really miss the Legend QUINCY B oh! Though he also loved to enjoy life to the fullest, Quincy’s love for music still conquered his flesh. His priorities were always straight, but not his brothers…Jethro and his weed Baynay aint for fun. That guy has a brighter future than Yung Classic in Music, but he has covered it up with thick smoke from Marijuana, and sadly there’s no one to tell him that he is losing it…God forbid! but i will be so disappointed to hear that those Anti-depressants he takes has finally taken total control of his mind and thrown him into the streets…Chey! My people, it will be shameful oh! I tell you.

What is the way forward for Heartbeat Records? The greatest comeback rightnow is not depending on Yung Classic and Jethro to be Producers, it’s totally useless rightnow. Quincy B had unreleased songs, can’t they compile everything into an album or even albums, and make money from it. Are these guys not thinking of the upkeep of Quincy’s two kids? Mehn! That’s why Americans can amaze me oh! We claim to be small America but we don’t even think like them. You can remember when 2Pac died, How many Albums was released after his death? My People it was seven albums mehn! and until today his family are still enjoying royalties from those albums, including the one’s he did before he died. Should we now talk about his rival Notorious B.I.G? Mehn! Not for one day that P.DIDDY’S Wealthy pockets have forgotten the memories of his dear friend and business partner. DIDDY as he is usually called takes every opportunity to keep B.I.G’s Chapter open… Making movies to remember him, Making songs,Organizing concerts and so on.

All these things generate money which helps to financially uplift the family Notorious B.I.G left behind. Why can’t this be the case of QUINCY B? Yes! A one year remembrance concert was held for him… But is that all y’all can do? Is it that people are still jealous of QUINCY even now that he his dead? I heard that his former manager Lewis McCarthy is claiming rights to Quincy’s unreleased projects, but my Question is: Since he has been in possession of Quincy’s Intellectual Property, what has he done with it? No doubt, Quincy’s sweat and blood is just wasting in one hard drive placed somewhere in Lewis McCarthy’s home.

First of all this is creepling a comeback for Heartbeat Records, and even for ALM Records…’cause what has McCarthy really done with the likes of Sweetz and Anitram of late? This is the time to be business minded and put hard feelings aside. It’s not about posting Quincy’s pictures on social media and writing R.I.P all day… Curtis Young, Homeboy Jethro, Yung Classic, D’Ameko, Feouls y’all need to stop being ungrateful, the only way you can prove to the Late Quincy B that you guys appreciate all those sleepless nights and long days he had in the studio[Heartbeat Records] trying to make sure your Music projects came out good is to do great things with your lives. Some of you may want to defend yourselves with the fact that you have few songs out and even a mixtape or should i say album like Yung Classic?[Laughs] But my stand here is, if your work is really good, Pekin like Revoluxon or Nuchie Meek won’t be sitting on you peoples head in the industry.

We don’t even hear you peoples songs on the radio or on the streets like it should be played, I want to believe the only time it get so much play is when you people play it on your phones for your own listening pleasure. Feouls seems like the only one that’s trying a little, he has a new deal with Jungle boys, he is working on videos… But the truth to Feoul’s music is that it is really wack. That guy needs to sit down and really work on himself or his music will just be for now because most of the young people just want to dance to noise, But you’re ignoring that these young people will get mature someday and all they will want to listen to his Music that corresponds with their mind and age.

This is where the Late Quincy has an advantage more than many Liberian Musicians… His Music is evergreen. Heartbeat Records is no longer a studio somewhere intown in Monrovia, or a record Label… but a soul hoping somewhere in Heaven that we shouldn’t let his dreams die along with him, but embrace it as ours until forever. I know we can do this…Please let’s do this for the Late Quincy B. Music was all he had, Let’s keep his Legacy Alive.. Let’s keep Heartbeat Records alive.


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