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“STOP Sleeping On Us.” Wulah Gan Warns Top Artists, Djs, and Promoters

With consistency and realness in the releasing of diss songs in the country; upcoming artiste as well as other top artiste refuse to cease on releasing diss songs. The upcoming artistes keeps pointing out the fact that their time is now, and all the OGs should back off while the other top artistes who disses each other keeps talking about proving how worthy they are to cling the best rapper title, a title that they all believe belongs to no one.


With all of these latest developments, one of Liberia’s best rapper to hit the spotlight and Pyramid Records Ace rapper and sensational artiste Wulah Gan, hits out at several artistes, djs and Promoters in the industry who he thinks are killing the industry. In his diss song title ‘We Ready’ produced by Dj Tight Eyes which he considers as Episode 1, Wulah Gan shortlisted Revo, Soulfresh, DJ Weezy, CO.Z, Christoph, and Waste Dem as those guys who’s killing the game and he’s ready to kick them all out including the list of more other artistes to drop in Episode 2.


The song We Ready is just a caution to those guys who keep acting like they own the game and are the superiors. Listening to this song is gonna give you a reason to understand the anger of upcoming artistes and why they keep dropping solid bars diss tracks.

Wulah Gan -We Ready- [Prod. DJ Tight Eyez]

He spoke to me about some of the artists enlisted on the track in an exclusive interview we had at Pyramid Records. Wulah talked of Revoluxon, Christoph and CO.Z who have made a clique going around and claiming that they are the best. He said to me, “hey bro, these niggas are just fakers, you can’t be going around claiming you are the best but you can’t prove it. So without a prove all la one la jeh flaboyancy, but lemme tell you something bro they are nothing but big boostories and sakaa niggas who got nothing to show but make big mouth. If any of them stand in my way bro, I’ll just smash them.”


Those words rang in my ears for some time till I understood that yea there is no owner to this whole rap game so those niggas are just faking. Wulah words are true, I couldn’t grab the second thought when I heard the name Soulfresh while the song was been played and when I asked, Wulah said “my man we all know these niggas na fresh anymore; if they were fresh, then la before. But Now is our time bro the game needs fresher souls and those who have their shine now should showcase it and have enough space. Let ley man neh move from here mehn, la why I said they kayak dog. Now now, they jeh barking at their own shadows but I here for them.” I couldn’t believe my ears tho. ‘What a wow’ i said to myself. This one truth that have been hidden for years have finally been brought up. Wulah just let the cat outta the bag!!! He got gust, to spit at soulfresh? Mehn…. Wulah kept hitting me with the truth to a point where I started to feel guilty of myself as a promoter, when he started speaking of Promoters who are sleeping on them.


He told me, “when you give your song to ley DJ neh and Promoters to play, they’ll sleep on your song only because you na in their clique. Ley want you live America and be dropping them mai, but get deported like Bucky Raw.” He continued by saying, “My man lookaa promoter neh and all making music, who will play our song neh when DJ Weezy get fifty of his songs on playlist?” “Ley country will only go forward when everybody knows what they want and stay in their area.” He said, “Don’t make mistake and call Dj. Weezy to come MC your show, ley man will have to sing all his songs before giving time to the other artists.

What all la one there for? Bro we need to be realistic and put the truth in ley man neh faces.” From the way he spoke I could sense the frustration in him, and quickly noted that yea the truth must be told. ‘Let everyone stick to what they do best; but moving from DJ or promoter to artiste and that, shows that you’re confuse and definitely the industry we have now don’t have a place for that. Most interestingly now,Wulah Gan said he’s ready for a battle at anytime from anyone and anywhere. “I want proves” he said. “So those who names I call ooo, or the one neh I will call in Episode 2 oh, any of them can come up I’m ready. Since Industry Spacing Is A War now, Wulah Gan is the hero and messiah for the upcoming artistes. His song serves as inspiration and motivation to them, which means he is their liberator and is capable of standing in the front line for them. He closed by dropping these hot bars Hook for me, “We ready, I say we ready, we ready ooo dactor we ready, we ready I say we ready, we na come to it busy ba I say we ready….

Written by: Aketella Kerkula Bama [Editor at PlusLiberia]

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