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I sat right in front of him, and all i could see is a National Treasure, but unfortunately it seems like i am the only one still noticing such glory in him, because even before i could tell him that my interview with him have started, the moment he sat down and took a breathe, the first thing he said is that “I have been abandoned by the Liberian Dj’s and Bloggers”.


Just by hearing this, i felt the breeze of guilt blowing on me, “Aren’t you a blogger?” I asked myself, ” So boy! He is talking to you”.As much as i felt bad, i told myself that it’s better Late than Never…I was happy that he wasn’t the one that called me that he wanted an interview, I reached out to him because i saw the Importance of giving due respect to a Legend of his Status and Reconciling for the times i was never there as a blogger and Promoter for his brand…


My guilt vanished[smiles].But really o! Let the truth be told, What has Nasseman done wrong to deserve this kind of treatment from the Media? When you listen to the Radio these days, you hardly here a NASSEMAN song being played,His Videos are not shown on TV. Liberians are reggae lovers…I can still remember the times when my mom will tell me that reggae music was a deep source of Inspiration for the Liberian people doing the war, and what i have noticed is that we still love reggae.Radio stations are still Loyal to Reggae Music, but the big complication is that we are not Loyal to our own Reggae Musicians, It’s rare to here a Liberian reggae jam on repetition like the way the Radio stations play the Foreign one’s, It can only be played once in awhile just so that the Artist won’t raise alarm that their songs don’t have Airplay at all.If what i am saying is a lie, then why is it that the Liberian Reggae Movement is dead? Why would the Face of reggae Music in your country be complaining of nobody giving him attention? Isn’t that something we should be ashamed of? This is not done in other countries…


Look at the likes of Majek Fashek of Nigeria who got himself so involved with drugs…His Addiction didn’t stop the Nigerians from loving him, Instead they embraced him, and do everything in their power to maintain his Timeless Sound and Music. Let’t quickly take a mind travel to South Africa and observe how the South African’s still Mourn Lucky Dube deeply…


They can’t imagine that such a great man no longer exist.Even after his death his Music still occupies the heart of the people.So now, Let’s come back to our country Mama Liberia…Interestingly our own Reggae Legend is not a drug Addict, and He is not dead, but still we treat him as if he is a bundle of disgrace,as if he no longer walks on the surface of the Earth, Mehn! we Liberians ehn! Nasseman is one Liberian Artist that have performed on International Stages that no other Liberian Artist have climbed on.Unlike some Liberian Artist that will boast that they are International and they are touring the world, With all the sharp mouth on being International, the countries is not more than America and Germany,to now make matters worst, they only perform at shows hosted by the Liberian Community over there, which is little or nothing compared to the thousands of souls that gyrated: Roared, Danced and Sang along to Nasseman songs when he performed live at Costa Rica last year in 2017, Panama in 2016 and the United States of America in 2012. Nasseman is an activist as we all know, and his travels have been aided by this course…


He told me about how much impact it has had on his life.He said and i quote “My Most Epic Moment was in 2016.There was this Competition called World Anti Corruption Music Video Competition, i reluctantly applied after a friend convinced me to…I was almost thinking nothing good will come out of it, Until in December: I was sitting in 146, i got a call from oversea’s.Is this Nasseman? the caller said, He continued by telling me that i am the first place winner of the competition, If i accept the invitation i will be travelling to Panama city.I accepted the invitation and that’s how they made me the World Anti-Corruption Ambassador, and i have not regretted that decision one day, cause it has given my music a wider market.


I have a lot of foreigners craving for my Music, it’s just a pity that the Liberian people don’t know how to cherish what should be Gold to them”.I was highly touched by the Interview with the Brabi, After i reported to my My CEO and General Manager,they both got inspired too. I am so proud to let you know that Plusliberia have refused to sleep on the Musical Career of the Legend. Trust me, As i speak to you right now Nasseman has signed an Artist Managerial deal with the Platform. All i can say is that this is a Rebirth and the beginning of Greater things for the Legend. It’s Plusliberia always mehn! Watchout!!!



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