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KOLO VIBES WITH JARTU: Have y’all notice”Taya” to be ley only Eric Geso song la go straight in line with ley title?

This is a difficult topic to discuss and i know ay hard to talk. I Na know how many of yor Na notice Eric Geso new hit song title”Taya” produce by kizzy w to be ley only song la go straight in line with ley song title”Taya” I Na know what yor will say but ley only thing I can say here is big ups to Eric Geso on his latest song Taya, Taya jeh different from ley other Eric Geso song neh, and la ly thing we call improvement.

To talk ley true, Eric Geso Na bad,ley man can use jeh 3 to 4 words and make hit song, but to put ley lyrics together for ay to go in line with ley song title,la ay ley problem. ley man will start ley song good but before you go look,he Na jump in to saying something completely different from ley wan he wor saying before[Laughs]. something la Na even going in line with ley song title.

Bless Pa ley man bless,all ley way ley man can put his lie lie thing neh together, his song neh can still hit becor ley one beat seh can be for just imagine Eric Geso start working on his lyrics and start singing in line with his music title like in Taya and see ley thing la will happen.people will go crazy over ley man,people will be dying jeh for neh to hear ley man song.

Leh me jeh give example on one of Eric Geso song la he mess up,he wor saying, I will hustle till resurrect then some part of ley song,he started saying old ma don’t run away,bayka la human being.I Na saying ley song Na fyn ooo that’s a fyn song but what I will hustle till I resurrect geh to do with old ma don’t run away bayka la human being? so yor see ley thing I talking about?ay Na jeh match with ley actual message in la song.

you can’t jeh be saying anything,any time you sing,yor song suposto to send message out, so la anybaly la will listen to ay will understand what you actually saying so you can’t jeh say anything la come in yor hay. Plenty people can listen to music to be happy, ley people can say music is when somebaly listen to your song, especially somebaly la sad, depressed, and heartbroken, leh yor song be able to make la person feel better. You can’t sing for yor seh, you sing to inspire people life,so before you sing,la somer ley thing neh you mon calculate,leh yor song geh purpose, leh yor song geh meaning,ay mon Na jeh be ley person can sing.


But I will leave ay right here so our readers or followers can give la view,tell us wetin yor think about Eric Geso latest song Taya and how ay different from his other song neh. Thanks for reading, more stories coming your way……



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