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HEAD 2 HEAD: The truth behind the battle between Socialite Bintu Kromah and Media Guru Master Queen

Wow! My People, Won’t you help me to say Wow! or aren’t you surprise too? It’s just so common for women to tear themselves up over men in this our Country. Things that our big time Jue’s shouldn’t be doing, that’s what we find them rubbing themselves into. Or do you think Class is all about Fine make up, A ride, Expensive clothes and a home? Hold up! It has a lot to do with maturity. Hmm… Actually, This came out of the blues but I will try as much as possible to make it black and white, so we can all see it clearly. This is what I did in trying not to bring lies to you…I picked up my phone, called Master Queen but couldn’t get through to her, later on I confirmed that she recently traveled to Ghana. I did the same thing with the beautiful Bintu Kromah and she picked my call. I introduced myself, and she was so happy to talk to me about the whole issue, knowing fully well that the whole of Liberia needs the truth on this matter.

She started by saying “She’s my friend”, Honestly I felt if Bintu could still call Grace aka Master Queen her friend, then the enemity is not coming from her side. Bintu explained that Master Queen and her met at a party on Ramadan day, they spent time together having lots of fun, and in between all the merriment they found themselves talking about the Liberia Youth Awards that was about to be held at the TM Mall Conference Hall. Bintu said that she teased Master Queen about those who had to compete with in her category, since the Queen was going head to head with people like Henry Costa and Rickslyn Myers for radio presenter of the year , and also Josephine Kolubah for TV Presenter of the year. Actually, she said Master Queen returned the gesture by saying Bintu would also find it difficult to win the two categories she was nominated in: Lady of Virtue and Most influential female of the year. It was all fun, even when Bintu said she would win the two categories since she’s one of the sponsors of the Award. She actually didn’t know Master Queen held that against her cause she felt there would be favouritism at the Award Ceremony.

The issue of who would be the Entertainment Ambassador of the year was discussed between both of them, Bintu said she felt Frank Artus should win cause apart from the President of this Nation and the Former President, the only person that’s really recognized outside the shores of this country is Frank. By the way, The Queen didn’t agree, all she wanted was for Double H to win the Award. Bintu said to me that it was more realistic for Double H to win Entertainment Company of the year cause he has done so well in that regard, but being a foreigner doesn’t make you international. And trust me Bintu is right, funny enough Double H is only very popular in Monrovia, if you go to other parts of the country and mention that name, people will only think you’re mentioning the name of a new beer or wine,or what do you think?[Laughs].

Trust me, I am not in total support of Bintu, cause Bintu said after Frank Artus won that category, and Master Queen started insulting her, all she could do is run her mouth to a particular blog to help settle the issue between her and Master Queen. Chey! That’s ridiculous[Laughs], My dear bintu, you are smart enough to know that bloggers are not peace keepers but rumour mongers, especially this small small blogs looking for attention calling themselves chichi this and chichi that, they only want to spread your story and make matters worse. Am sure somewhere deep inside of you there was a need to see everything end up into a scandal.Women are generally mischevious in nature[Laughs], you women love to be in the fries and can hardly forgive, even when you people pretend to be friends.

Yes! Bintu claims she’s happily married now and she’s not chasing the ghost of her past relationship, but do you know that Bintu and Grace aka Master Queen shared the same boyfriend at one time in their lives. Bintu told me about how F.A and Master Queen deceived her that they were siblings, not knowing that they were eating each other and only taking her for a fool.She said she found out and moved on, but that didn’t stop her from being close to Master Queen again. Since she has found a man that truly loves her, and won’t put himself in the position to be snatched away from her, someone like Master Queen isn’t a threat.

Bintu said to me that, Master Queen felt that she influenced the whole award to favour Frank against Double H, if she could do that then she could have influenced the two categories she was nominated in cause she went home sad without an award, even with the fact that she was one of the sponsors.It’s simply clear that everyone that won an award that night deserved it.Even Master Queen won an award that night,and we all know she worked hard for it.Now we have heard from the Socialite Bintu Kromah, I know so many of us can’t wait to hear from the Media Guru Master Queen. But until then let’s just pray the two ladies don’t engage in a physical fight and hurt themselves beyond recognition[Laughs].


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