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KOLO VIBES WITH JARTU: Could Rickslyn Myers be dating ley Hipco rapper CIC?

When we talking about determine, inspiring, ambitious, potential and influential young black Women in ley Liberian entertainment world, Rickslyn Myers la one person. She Na only fyn, but she smart over ay. She been supporting Liberian entertainment and her love for lib music Na inspire plenty young Liberians to believe in lib music.

She can’t jeh promote only ley big big star neh, she can also help promote ley other small small under ground artist neh la trying to reach out with la songs. I know ay can be hard on her sometimes trying to help evrybaly. Rickslyn Myers Na impact so many lives, people believe in her and plenty young children coming up look up to her as a role model and and even young artists look at her as a motivation.

Rickslyn Myers la Na jeh ordinary woman in ley Liberian entertainment world, ley woman la star, she geh fans and followers la love and believe in her and I’m one of them. I Na know if she geh any idea on how she can inspire and motivate people if ley tin she can do….

Well! Ley say every super woman deserve a super man and I know yor curious to know who ley super woman Rickslyn Myers could be dating, wether la CIC or another nigga somewhere. I sorry to disappoint yor becor I know yor jeh feel say I wor coming split ley tea on ley person she dating and give yor more gist, but I won’t. Tho rumors been going around la she and CIC together, but why we can’t jeh skip this and give ley woman her flower ley way she stay with us?

I know yor confuse on why I choose ley particular title for my story, becor I know these days, people only wan hear gist about someone and ley title will geh plenty people attention becor ley only interested in gist banay. How about we forget about ley too much jealousy, gist banay and support a very young and ambitious black woman like Rickslyn Myers? How about we talk about her courage as a young woman trying hard to pursue her dreams and how she Na motivate plenty young Liberians to believe in la seh? I personally love Rickslyn Myers and every other young potential women out there like DJ Master Queen, Model Samphemia Greene Liberia up coming celebrity, Morrinna Gbessagee, Benita W. Urey, Roda Starlet, Samantha kwaizah CEO of SAMI Muzic Empire and I can’t name other neh but they are all potential young Liberian woman in ley Liberian entertainment world and I will Na forget about my seh too(smile).

We as Liberians, need to support each other and learn to see ley good and ley potential in people even if we Na like neh……. Thanks for reading…….!



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