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SOFT SPOT WITH ELIC-JALEIBA: Should Billionaire Daughter Benita Urey Thank Ex-lover Christoph for her Fame?

Interestingly, Before she became a blogger and the very intelligent young lady we know now, all we could say about her is, she’s a spoilt rich kid that jumped after a Popular Musician just because of his good looks and Fame. I won’t find myself saying it’s because of true love, and that’s because she wouldn’t be expecting the “Jue dem bony dust” to be a loyal boyfriend to her, since he himself claims that he is for every woman and not one.

I want to believe that Benita didn’t foolishly fall in love with Christoph like we expect every girl of her age to. Remember, Benita and Christoph just came out of the blues with this relationship thing of being madly in love with each other. You can remember that it was the same time Christoph discovered that he could also sing and not just rap, when he sang the chorus of his hit song “Hand bag” to profess his love for Benita.

Unlike now, Christoph was the biggest and most controversial rapper as at that time, with the whole country thinking he is gay, by the way, should we thank Co-Z for that costly accusation?[Laughs] Mehn! it kept everyone talking, and also a rumour popped up one time that Christoph was arrested for drug trafficking at the airport in the united states. Yeah! This Negative stories kept coming cause Christoph was living a very expensive lifestyle than what making music in Liberia could afford.

Actually, Benita saw alot of opportunities in this, She understood that when people don’t talk about you, whether good or bad then you’re a Nobody. Hmm… Christoph and Benita got close before the election, but was there something relating to the elections when you carefully look into their relationship? Don’t you think she was running a secret political campaign for her Dad?[Laughs]. Christoph had everyone’s heart with the lyrics of his songs and his personality, and if she could win Christoph’s heart then she has the heart of every youth in Liberia, from the ghettos to the universities, high-schools, offices and homes.Wow! What a strategy? When you have every youth in Liberia, What else do you want to use to win the election? Unfortunately, as much as people loved Christoph, they had other artist they loved also, and these other artist had their own Presidential candidate that they were Campaigning for, things moved from how much crowd a Superstar can bring to you, but how you can convince them to vote for you or they vote for someone else.

Mehn! Christoph enjoyed from the Urey’s Dynasty though… you remember the Front Liners? Christoph, TeddyRide, Chilla Coolnanee e.t.c. Chey! those guys earned alot of cash from the campaign song they did for the Papey. As we all know Mr Urey isn’t a stingy man. You would know that Benita has the interest of this country at heart, did you hear her speech at the just concluded Liberian Youth Awards? She was talking about sea erosion and how to make west point better than what it is now. Trust me, for her to have this kind of ideas, it’s obvious that this way of thinking was passed down to her from her Billionaire Father. Obviously, Benita Urey isn’t a gold digger, cause how much would Christoph give to her that she couldn’t get from her own purse? But trust me, she got something more than Gold from Christoph, and that is National Respect.

The Award she received at the Liberian Youth Awards “Most talked about Female of the year” is a proof. She was known for being her Father’s daughter, but that wasn’t enough, all Benita was trying to do is to show that she could live out of her Father’s shadow and be as successful as she should be with her own efforts, using the Liberian Entertainment Scene as an escape route to get people to see her for who she truly is, and not a spoilt rich kid with no direction. Benita is doing well with her new blog “Liberian Influence”, promoting and exposing Liberia to the world through Entertainment. Hmm…I think Benita Urey deserves some accolades[Laughs]


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