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SPOTLIGHT: Is CIC The Reason Why Jaredo Hasn’t Dropped a Hit Song?

It’s a disturbing situation, but we have all chosen not to say anything about it. This teenager made parties worth going to, with his love tunes dripping from our mouth like sweet honey “Nobody ooh ooh, Nobody ehh ehh” as we all sang. Tell me, haven’t you missed Jaredo? I know you would likely say yes.

He started as a wanna be, trying to do everything like his big bro CIC. At some point, I wondered if he could ever find his own sound. That song “Pekin John” still confuses me till date, cause CIC featured him, but trust me my people, i still can’t perceive someone else apart from CIC on that song, cause of the strong similarity in their style of singing.

Jaredo in a short time built confidence in himself, He stopped being that little boy that could only be seen if he stands in his big bro’s shadow, but became a man of his own. It was right timing for him cause Kobazzie was just fading off. The only thing that’s helping that one now is his shows overseas, he has really not done anything tangible this year with his music apart from that. Just living on past glory. But wait o! Kobazzie is actually better than one hit wonders like FA and J Max… After one good song, those ones have lost the know how of music[Laughs].

Even with the fact that FA did a song with Seyi Shay this year, he still flopped. And why? Some of you will want to blame his act of having multiple affairs with women based on what we recently heard about what he had with Master Queen and Bintu Kromah. Actually being a playboy is not allowing him to focus [laughs]. But that’s not my reason though…. My own reason is that FA is trying too hard to be a Nigerian…pushing his accent and culture away, forgetting that his market is Liberia. That’s one reason we love our Kizzy W… Original boy with L.I.B Swag. He didn’t let the fortune and his exposure in Nigeria change his coloqua mentality, Kizzy is just real.

By the way, let’s come back to Jaredo. He was able to use Kobazzie’s dimming light to brighten his own. Experimenting with that Kobazzie style of music really helped, then CIC was taking a chill pill, some felt the Cralorboi time was over until he shocked us with an amazing comeback, and that comeback is making me to ask this question, Where is Jaredo? Is it that in SOG Records Musicians give themselves time to shine? Or is the sky not big enough for every star to shine anymore? Absolutely, the Sky is big enough. Don’t be surprise that Jaredo have dropped two dope tracks featuring L’Frankie on one and Lu Wizzy on the other. He also has featured on recent songs, one with Acecape and PCK .

Trust me, I don’t see Jaredo fading out of the music scene anytime soon, that boy has a long way to go. I see this period as a resting period, where he can experiment with what ever sound until he can hit again. CJay is in the same predicament with Jaredo, but I like how he is really going about things. Trying stuffs like trap soul, mehn! That song with Sammie cane is a good try. It’s just that Lyee bility’s branding for CJay is so wack! but that’s a serious topic for another day.

Music is all about time, and time is life, and life is all about me and you. So don’t give up on the things you love, keep doing it until it works. Consistency is the pen to write a great success Story. So Jaredo, Keep being you, we love you.



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