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SPOTLIGHT: J Slught Fights with his Manager, Leaks his Version of a Stunna Song, with a Video

Funny enough my people, Nightmares are made out of dreams. This is the last thing anyone could imagine happening to the Multi talented Artist. I am sure all J Slught wants now is to wake up from this ugly sleep, before T Mark sends a message to him saying something like this “I told you my Pekin and that your record label. You Should never have left us, We gave birth to you, and we are the only one that knows what works for you and what doesn’t. But now you moved to an unfamiliar ground where you have yourself being mishandled and treated as if you’re an orphan, as if you never had Parental love from us Swag district. We were family but still you left”.

By the way, T Mark was the only one that predicted a doom for the humble and easy going Star. You remember when he went on his facebook wall December last year, to write all sort of negative things about J Slught exit from Swag District to BeeVonne Records[I am sure he has deleted those things though].  Actually, J Slught is not the only artist to walk out of Swag District, as we all know, Stunna did. Stunna never had any issue with T Mark like J Slught did. Should we say that its because Stunna has always been T Mark’s favourite, or it is because he knew that Stunna management wouldn’t express any form of betrayal because of the experience they posses in entertainment and media.

Mehn! We shouldn’t compare Amplified and Beevonne, and that’s because Stunna’s management is really blowing our minds with some awesome surprises, things that should actually be happening to J Slught too, since both record labels are almost equal when it comes to financial strength. It hurts, all J Slught wanted was a greener pasture, but not remembering that he wouldn’t be able to avoid snakes. Everything started well between him and his manager Frederick Collins, things were so great that it got to a point that J Slught took it as a responsibility to always announce his boss name “C.E.O COLLINS” in his songs.

There have been alot of problems at the Beevonne Camp, those guys are very secretive, but you trust me now, I have been doing my investigations and taking my time to dig out those secrets. One thing I observe is that C.E.O Collins is someone that easily gets carried away by Power, and always wants his own will to be done without considering how the Artist feels. Sometimes it’s just good to give the Artist a level of freedom. Trust me, it’s from that freedom the Artist builds his confidence on his ability to create timeless music. To cut the long story short, the C.e.o woke up one morning to inform his artist J Slught that he will no longer be baring “J Slught” but “JT”. Chey! What sort of nonsense is that? Is that the next step? Or for J Slught to be out with dope and top class videos and international collaborations like his peers, since he has none to his name.

When I heard this, it became clear to me that Frederick Collins has ran out of ideas on how to manage one of the best male vocalist in the entire Liberia. An Artist like J Slught is damn easy to manage mehn! As expected, J Slught refused C.e.o Collins offer, and that’s where trouble started singing aloud at the Beevonne Camp. The name ” J Slught is a brand name already, and moreover it’s not a name that is common. I heard that C.e.o Collins reason to change the name is because “Slught” sounds like “Slut” and “Slut” means a prostistute[Laughs]. No doubt mehn! that’s a flimsy excuse. I confirmed that the Ghost owner of Beevonne records is in a dilemma right now, he doesn’t know whether to let go of Mr Collins or to keep allowing his precious artist J Slught to still keep suffering under poor management.

Download “| AUDIO” J-Slught-Too-Good-at-Goodbyes-Cover-.mp3 – Downloaded 659 times – 5 MB

As for J Slught, I think he is contemplating on leaving, cause if he is not why would he record a song talking deeply about being too good at saying goodbyes. Just few weeks ago Stunna dropped this cover song. I heard this song and just felt nothing can sound better than what Stunna did. J Slught added alot of Spice to his own, I am not saying it’s better cause I want you to be the Judge of that. J Slught had alot of emotions to express on this song: He rapped, Sang, added coloqua and the extra juice is that there is a video to this…

Wow! Don’t waste time to support J Slught by downloading all the way[Laughs].




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