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Top 3 Rumours About: Daniel George AKA DenG

1) Homeless Deng: Hmm…This was how I got the gist. I was just having an harmless talk with some people about Liberian Celebrities, when the issue of most of our celebrities being broke popped up. Honestly, I thought I had a defense against that, when I had to mention CIC, Deng, Kizzy W, and Christoph as the Big Boys in the Game. But one of us aggressively said “Which Deng? That one that can be travelling around the world for tours but was almost thrown out, Infact thrown out from his home by his Landlord cause of no money to pay his rent.” He was so sure of what he was saying that I couldn’t argue with him, cause I had no proof that he is lying. Maybe it’s free show Deng is doing in all these countries o! [Laughs].


2)Davido and Deng False Collaboration: At first it was a picture of him and Patoranking posing together that went round like wild fire. Then Later on into the election period, Deng used his own mouth to say that people to vote for the present President and he would release the song he has with Davido. Mehn! Alot of Fans fell for this, but the question is: Brabi Deng, Where is the song na? Many months have passed o! Or should we believe that you were just deceiving us? We will give you a second chance to amend your mistakes, your Candidate is now the President, you can ask him to sponsor you Pruh. You can even be the one to bring Davido into this country for the first time for a huge concert. Please drop the song you promised us o! Cause we have played our part [Laughs].


3)Deng’s Female Manager dumps him to be in a relationship with Eric Geso: Interestingly, it was Eric Geso himself that confirmed to me that it was nothing but pure lies. it was a get together I attended last year, Rawlo’s birthday I should say. Mehn! We had alot to drink and eat, that’s how the superstar started giving me advice on how to go far as a blogger. He asked me if I heard the story about Deng’s female manager leaving him to be with him the hard head boy….I said yes. To even add, the person that wrote the story said that the lady was pregnant for Eric Geso, this really made issues look complicated though. But nothing was complicated but as simple as you can imagine. Eric Geso wanted to be in the fries and didn’t mind if a blogger write trash about him. Deng didn’t take the issue serious, a sign that he was also aware. I enjoyed being around Eric Geso but i didn’t take his advice, cause no matter what you write about an Entertainer whether good or bad it will still boosts their brand, but as a writer or blogger, when people discover that you’re fond of reporting lies, then you will lose your respect and value. By the way, that’s why I am different [Laughs].



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