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TOP 3 RUMOURS ABOUT: Sarafina Abraham[Including Leaked Photos]

1)Husband Snatcher: Hmm…Is she the first woman to ever steal someone else’s husband in this country and be proud of it? If you’re going to say yes! then it would be obvious that you are bias, you hate her, and you’re a pretender.Don’t you feel love can be found at strange places? I believe love can be found at strange places, but I won’t tell you it’s okay to snatch someone’s husband and deprive his wife and kids of happiness in their home.But at the same time, I won’t brutally judge any woman for making that choice.Women are weaker vessels than men, its just that our men cant just be a friend or a father figure without expecting the money they give you to attract a sexual affair in return. Sarafina rightnow has everything an attention seeking girl dreams about, cause her Man spoils her silly with cars, lots of money, properties and expensive trips, not minding the constants fights she has with his very beautiful Wife Minaj.

Sarafina Abraham is like a Liberian Kim Kardashian[Laughs], trust me with every rumour and naked pictures of her that were taken by her Sugar daddy flying about the internet, You would say that she’s not the best role model for our daughters. But still, she’s one video vixen and Socialite your daughter would want to look like,and that’s cause she’s damn hot and diamond pretty[Laughs].One thing most wives have learnt from the Sarafina drama, is on how to keep their husbands well or one of this so called Slay Queen’s will help you with your duties and never let him go. Whether by putting juju in his food o! Like what people said about Sarafina, or by giving him that hot body to do justice to it, like what those naked pictures revealed[Laughs].


2)FAKE PREGNANCY: Samara Harris[One of Quincy B baby mama] should have known that as much as she was belittling her friend Sarafina, by revealing that it’s her own pregnancy result she used to deceive her sugar daddy, that there’s actually no baby on the way, She[Samara] was also making herself look small and dirty.Okay, where was Samara when Sarafina took her pregnancy result in order to lie to the man? Hmm..It’s so glaring that birds of the same feather flock together. Women should know that spreading your friend secrets because you both have issue’s doesn’t make you better or more righteous than your friend. You can’t paint someone black and not expect to be stained by it, Is that possible?

3)Did She ever date CIC? People couldn’t stop questioning why she had to be CIC’s Love interest in Itchy Ritchy Video, if there was nothing going on between both of them. CIC actually had this to say in one of my interviews with him, “Sara and myself are cool friends. She always promote my songs on her snap. Wanted to feature a few girls and I asked her and she agreed. She got the model looks and that’s what I was looking for in a lead act”.Hmm…So to all you Chechepoly people, Are you now Convinced that nothing happened or is happening between Sarafina and CIC?[Laughs].


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