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HEAD 2 HEAD: Who killed Quincy B? Lewis McCarthy or Double H

The hate keeps increasing in the game to the level where we are not even sure if it’s Entertainment we are in, or it’s just war. Actually what Lewis McCarthy posted on social media about Double H seems to be like clear acting to me mehn! it’s More like when someone is trying to run from an heavy rain, then goes to take shade under a house without no roof. Chey! My people what will happen to that person? The person will still get beaten by the rain mehn!
Let’s take a look at Lewis McCarthy post, ” I challenge you double shit to take me to court and the story will begin. You keep them so close so they won’t talk. You were questioned by police, but you did your thing not to be public. I am not asking. I am telling you fool”. Honestly my people, there’s something seriously wrong with Lewis McCarthy first statement, ” I challenge you to take me to court and the story will begin “. No! No! No! No! So Lewis knew the truth about all that truly happened that night ? then he kept quiet for a year and some months, made us believe that it was only just drunk driving and nothing more that killed Quincy B. Now he is coming out to say that only if he is provoked that’s when he will let it all out. Mr McCarthy, your statement sounds like when someone says ” we will all go down for our sins if you disrespect me Double H.” I heard a story my people, and it reveals that, the only reason Quincy B didn’t go home to the studio after the party was because Lewis McCarthy seized the working tools he uses at the studio. Now what I sensed is that, maybe Lewis McCarthy and QB had an argument that day that led to that kind of situation. What I know is QB would have gone home that night if he had his working tools at hand, he really loved making music and producing for others, instead of drinking himself away like someone that had a lot of pain inside of him to wash off and it’s only the alcohol that could help him out.

Another disturbing part of Lewis McCarthy post is, “You keep them so close so they won’t talk.” Chey! Who are these people that Lewis McCarthy is referring to? It’s obvious that these people weren’t strangers to the Late Quincy B. Hmm… Is it Margas, Feouls and CIC, because these were the only people with the Late Quincy B at the point of his death? If these three people are afraid to talk, my people where they the one’s that committed the crime? Because with the accusation we have here, this seems to be a Murder case. It’s only God and Quincy B that can tell us what really happened in that car right now, because if I keep trying to flip possibilities of what may have happened in that car in my mind, I may be tempted to say that there was a struggle in that car and Quincy B was trying to fight for his life, then he lost control of the wheel, and the worst happened. But the only reason I won’t register my mind on that is because, would the other guys risk their life’s just to kill Quincy in a speeding car, knowing fully well that they could all die? My people, don’t you think that it’s easier to poison his drink or create safer alternatives than take that kind of dumb risk. Actually, with the calculation I am making rightnow, I can say CIC, Margas and Feouls have nothing to do with Quincy B’s death, or what do you think?

CIC in particular have enjoyed more from Quincy B’s death than anyone that we can mention, and these has made us to always feel his hands aren’t clean. There’s a school of thought that feels that CIC getting voted in as the Brand Ambassador of Lonestar Cell MTN was a crafty plan played. This School of thought feels that CIC’s position as Brand Ambassador was already a done deal even before the voting process but the whole voting thing was brought up so it won’t look suspicious that CIC was used to intentionally replace Quincy B. And not just that, it was Double H and Dj Blue that did most of the setting up to make everything smooth. So now, This School of thought could easily make us believe how Lewis McCarthy feels about Double H and his gang. This other Chechepule I am about to give you is more like a normal thing in our society but still it’s crazy mehn! and this Chechepule is that Quincy B and CIC shared a girlfriend until his death. From what I heard , QB and CIC were cool even with who they had in common, the girl wasn’t a threat to their friendship since she’s the one making herself cheap and all about having Celebrity boyfriends[Laughs].
The last part of Lewis McCarthy post didn’t hide the corruption in the Liberian Police Force, but the only thing is we dont know if it’s true if Double H handed over a white envelope to close the case. Lewis McCarthy said and I quote, “You were questioned by police, but you did your thing not to be public.” We know how influential and powerful Double has become over the years,but do you think he is strong enough to control the Liberian Police Force? especially on a case as sensitive as the Quincy B case.

The truth is, as humans we always look for people to blame when things go bad, and I feel that is what bringing all this drama rightnow. I personally feel we need peace, and we need to stop pointing fingers. Lewis McCarthy feels that it’s Double H and his gang that is at fault, Yung Classic feels it’s Lewis McCarthy’s fault, Yung Curtis feels it’s Feouls fault , and the nation feel it’s CIC’s fault, while some people feel it’s God fault cause he could have saved Quincy B since He is God. All we need to do is to stop accusing ourselves and stop shifting blame, and over thinking on what is not, My People all we need is peace. Let’s leave this issue in God’s hands and come together as one. If it’s true that someone killed Quincy B then no doubt karma will meet up with that person. Please all we want rightnow in our beloved country is peace and not the shedding of blood.


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