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HEAD 2 HEAD: BOUNCE!!! And The Storm That Came With It

Kizzy W and Kobazzie Beef!!!

Liberian music has continued to grow and grow, and like you know, everything good comes with challenges but to what cost? Well… This too is Liberia. Last thing you’d expect to hear is Kizzy W and Kobazzie beefing, I mean two laid back characters,hardworking and humble characters beefing over work they did together.

The news is as you already know, kizzy W is pissed he did not get full credits for his work, it’s Don jazzy again!!! Hello! but this is not MO Hits records plus kizzy W name was mentioned in the song. Kizzy W, honestly I don’t think you want kobazzie to say you wrote the song On the track if the rumours that you wrote is true, Nicki Minaj has ghost writers, Nas,Ed Sheraan ,Sia, Missy Elliot, Neo all wrote songs for big celebrities like P Daddy, Beyonce, Rihanna , Brandy just to name a few and no fuss came afterwards, Y’all deal and arrangements were done backstage so every grievances should be discussed there, I mean why have a team if they can’t handle aspects like these? Calling out your fellow artist in public like That Kizzy can destroy his brand or yours, either you Kizzy will be seen as egoistic or kobazzie seen as lazy, whichever ways, the industry loose .

I understand when you’re call out, you gotta respond but you do not have to clap back at every claps Kobazzie. Professionally, the production right belongs to Kizzy W depending on the deal and arrangements,so if the original copy was missing Like Kizzy said, arrangements should’ve been made to restart/redo It all over again unless you kobazzie is pressed for time,Then you can inform Kizzy about it,get his Approval to rearrange the song and everything to it .that is how professionals work.

This industry will grow but at what pace is left to you guys the big guns. Something so simple to settle has turned ugly and no investor will put his resources where there’s no stability and peace.

DOWNLOAD: Kobazzie -Bounce- [Prod. Kizzy W]
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