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LIBERIAN FASHION POLICE: What is Stunna trying to tell us with this Black on Black Dress Code?

Sometimes you feel you are wearing clothes and what you have on is your feelings. See, What you have on can go a long way to tell people about your past, your present life, and practically the future that is ahead of you.

Clothes speaks! Trust me, that’s why Celebs get the best designers and stylist so they wont be sending the wrong message to their fans. As a Celebrity, you’re not just covering your nakedness like everyone else, there’s alot to hide when the spotlight is on you, and that’s where what you wear becomes your shield and armour[Laughs].

The moment you become a Celebrity, No Fashion designer or Stylist should be too expensive for you to meet up with your Brand. If you think the appearance of a Superstar cost alot, then try dressing like a nobody… being a nobody is more costly, don’t even argue[Laughs].

Stunna goes black on black on a first Sunday when it’s not a funeral [Laughs]. Hmm…by the way I see nothing wrong with that. Black doesn’t only represent mystery, fear, death and aggression but interestingly it’s a colour to adore. Black also stands for strength, elegance, Authority , power and formality. If we carefully look at things, the positive attributes that black carries are not easily detached from what Stunna has transformed into these days. His musical video with Iyanya “Balance” has overpowered all Liberian videos to match up with World Superstars by being frequently played on International platforms like MTV Base, HipTv , Trace and so on. He may not have an official crown for this now, but he has literally given himself one [Laughs].

You know what they say about the hair being the crown of the body mehn! Since most crown’s are golden, Stunna did himself the honour to maintain his hair gold[Laughs]. I love it…it’s something that should remain a part of the Stunna brand for awhile. But not for too long, cause as a star boy you need to excite your fans with new looks. His shoes: wow! Classy… A brown shoes with black playing around it definitely has a nice relationship with the Blazer jacket and pants he has on. Yeah! His jewelries are cool, even though that’s pretty much of what we see all the time, nothing new per say when it comes to the bling bling.

Stunna was right when he captioned this “chocolate on a Sunday” . He is aware of how sweet he looks, and the good taste of music he puts on everyone’s plate. Mehn! Black on Black, Blazer Jacket and pants told the Stunna story.



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