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“Know me before you worship me” is God’s words and message to mankind. Our industry is filled with passionate personalities but the downsides impeding total growths is seeing some artistes, record label CEOs ,bloggers/Vloggers, promoters, Directors , managers willing to do everything for their company, brand, talents etc but don’t actually know how exactly. Like every other things, showbiz Is another field, different profession that needs its own kinda business strategies to boost it.

Great Ideas And implementations will take us to the pinnacle but sad to say, the industry is still in a mediocrity State. Everyone seem to be pointing to the problems but none has actually pointed to the solutions thus giving birth to the never ending cycle of hatred and envy. Everyone is so confused,foreign base talents think the local base talents envy them and the local base think the foreign base are just not good enough or too proud to mingle. What a chaotic state of mess! Entertainment is business, today my discussions are centered around the hot,Controversial Music Industry as I break down my observations.

There’s no unity amongst the artists, you hardly see them share one another’s work. Every artists got their own fan base, the more they share one another’s contents the better publicity/awareness it get, so why are you guys not sharing one another’s work? Too many great minds, different views but internal Tussles and battle of who is bigger or better got labels and artist separated. Treat the business differently, music business takes lots of lobbying, investment, networking, promotions and friendly environment, if there’s a musician union, there should be yearly agendas and regulations. The difference between the western world and us is the rule of laws they got governing them and they all respects it. Let’s implement some of these disciplines so we can forge ahead in unity, peace and for all.

The artists are too proud to have interactive sessions with their fans, lots of people will key into your personality and jam to your songs once they know you’re humble, selfless,available and humanitarian. How many of you (artists) have engaged the public? Facebook live, Facebook post where you’d tell your fans to engage, comment/ask About anything? Twitter, Snapchats, Instagram and other means meant for promotions on the internet? How many? How many of you go live on popular radio stations/TV stations With massive followers to target the larger audience? the artist always depending on promoters, bloggers and DJs to create fan base and awareness for them always. In this new era, you have got to take advantage of technological advancement and market yourself ,salute to AG DA Profit Mehn, the boy is an artist with great vision and ideologies. Always trending and promoting himself, no wonder he has broken into major countries with his bangers Zico and Samba. Ask the brother how he does it, don’t be too proud to ask for a way leading to more success. Or you research how to be a successful Artsit/company or whatever…

The artists are too complacent and inconsistent = Don’t take this personal but most of our artistes are not consistent, if you hear your name don’t be blue, take it in the chin and Get to work, look at J Max, Yung Cutter, CJay, Shine P, Young Classic, Lady Murphy, Xpolay, Bigg Times, Starmelod to name but few blew real hot at a particular time but failed to produce hit sounds after one, two or three hits. There are lots of artists whom are one Hit wonders and they disappear or struggle to keep up the momentum probably due to complacency. Liberians are noted for or they’re too lazy to get more creative, after one big hit, the next episodes are all junks and we are not going to buy that no matter how great your previous records are superstars.

(A solution) Business and Strategies to you Record labels, CEOs, Managers looking to break Continentally and globally,Why not take a look around you, yes I mean do collaborations with Top stars from neighboring countries like Ivory Coast, Guinea, Sierra Leone Mali, Yes Togo And Benin republic too? To feature a Top artist from Ghana and Nigeria will cost twice and trice as much as those from the countries I’ve mentioned above. You can sign a promotional collaborative deal, they also need promotions so yes, both parties can push the work to their various public and fan base and at the end of the day, both parties will get more fans ,exposures and awareness, and if that happens our artistes will start going for shows/tours in these countries regularly. It is easier to break into these markets than Ghana and Nigeria right now believe me. I’ve seen YouTube channels of these countries getting millions of views easily From their Top and trending stars so yes, why not Go for it? Your focus on the real tasks ahead and stop the blame game. Let’s get more innovative and move forward.

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