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The Music & Beyond: CIC Silently Speaks About Kobazzie & Kizzy W Beef Until a Wild Uproar!!!

I saw a sign that he wouldn’t be able to seal his lips for too long. You know that point when the sky is so dark, and you are so sure that it has no choice but to open up with an heavy downpour of rain? That was exactly how I could relate with the Cralorboi. The “Weekend” crooner went back and fort on his Facebook timeline, has both parties went against each other in an uncelebrated manner by concerned fans and loved ones, trying to make the atmosphere friendly by cracking jokes about not having any intention to say a word, but to stay neutral, since he is a friend turned brother to the two men in discussion.

CIC said these words: “La place cold but I still on here watching the fries. Friesy papa”.

The moment I saw this, I knew he was going to do a follow up, but this second statement revealed that he was more interested in Kobazzie playing it safe and not rubbing himself in the mud with Kizzy W. Since kizzy W already has a tag of being a very controversial personality unlike Kobazzie, due to past fights they had(CIC & Kizzy W) and also the one’s he had with other personalities like Afo4doe, Stone Luckshine, rumoured separation with his so called signed artiste Revoluxon based on mismanagement and so on.

These are CIC’s words: “Any Liberian artist la try it and do beef song, I will flog you personally. Fighting with Korte Kobazzie Bazzie and 500 other artist.”

These would make anyone laugh, but unknown to us the Commander In Chief was burning up seriously with anger. Checkout these outburst: “Where is the industry cuz I don’t see any…it’s so messed up. A few are trying to build up a name for Liberia and the dumb one’s keep messing up. Imma just wake up one day and walk away”.

Actually, CIC is absolutely correct! And in between he said words that tickled my interest… ” dumb one’s ” and “just waking up one day and walk away”. I wish you could see how I rolled on the floor in deep laughter when I saw those vocabularies. Hmm…CIC interesting o!(Coloqua), So rightnow Kobazzie and Kizzy are the dumb ones? Or he is just trying to stylishly insult only Kizzy W by just pretending to add Kobazzie to the fries? Because we know they are cool but not like before and not as close as him and Kobazzie, CIC and Kobazzie seem to be best friends, and I don’t think it would be fair if he throws harsh words on his bestie Kobazzie in a situation like this? His threat to walk away brought the fun in how much he is enjoying his tour in Australia , it’s almost clear that he is planning to relocate there permanently, or what do you think?

His last uproar shook the foundation of my thoughts, and this is it : ” Nowadays the young one’s ( artist and a lot more) got no one to look up to cuz y’all the old folks are no role model material… Y’all need to grow the Fuck up. No sorry for F the word.”

Ma pepooooo!!!! (Coloqua), These are words, not just words but a lifetime solution to the problems in our dear Nation Liberia. CIC don’t worry about the swear word, instead of using our hands to slap your mouth with criticism, we would rather use it to give you a round of applause. These are words that are well said. Kobazzie and Kizzy W, if you guys continue with your childishness after reading CIC’s word’s, then both of you are not ready for real growth in entertainment and life in general. Discipline is undetachable from how great you guys are destined to be.


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