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PLAY OR NOT: Can AK Feeling Man be kept mute with this New Dancehall Track ‘AK Wise up’ Released by Millionaire?

” Nobody stop you from singing for peace, but if you bring war behaviour, we will sing for war fake reggae artist. Watch ur move before I step on u too.”

By the way, the person speaking here is the troubled dancehall artist Ak feeling man. I saw this on his timeline and I became interested to know who he was addressing.

Ak and Christoph are definitely not in good terms, so I was practically assuming that those words were directed at him, but in his message I noticed that he called the person a fake reggae artist. Obviously Christoph is not a reggae or dancehall artist, so Ak was talking to a new enemy. Now that an artist of the same genre and style is out face to face with him, by dropping a diss track for him , the whole drama became realistic.

It was sounding boring when he said he was about to drop a dancehall song beefing the rapper christoph. Actually, Beef is fun when both artist are on the same page, when they do the same genre. I heard the song that caught Ak Feeling Man attention, and quickly did a little research.

Unlike what to expect, the beat is a club banger, and it was greatly produced by Master Pro. So you would be dancing to this, as you listen to the grievance of the artist who goes by the name Millionaire. “AK Wise up” is a song centralized on Ak Feeling Man’s recent immaturity and disrespect to other Liberian artist. The Mo Kash Records signed artist who calls himself the god of dancehall ended the track by saying this to Ak “You have to wise up, don’t go on social media and go talk some bomboclat thing them”. Download the song and comment your thoughts.

DOWNLOAD: Millionaire -AK Wise Up-


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