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Play or Not: Has Kobazzie Found a Hit Song in his New release Bounce?

The late Quincy B was Kobazzie’s Magic Maker, working with Qb’s rival [ Kizzy W ] wouldn’t have been an easy pull for the Lorma Boy if the Legend didn’t give up the ghost on March 3rd. But now he simply has no choice, and that’s because he has tried in different ways to get his rhythm back. But no way! Actually, Stone LuckShine hasn’t been bad, Drinks on me was a Majestic hit, and it would forever be regarded as a classic.

The other songs that came after it were good songs; but the truth is, it’s not every song that a superstar drops that should be ranked a hit. A hit song can’t be overshadowed or ignored, it speaks for itself. From almost every speaker around you or radio station you tune to… From the Nomination list of Entertainment Award Ceremonies.

Mehn! You would know. Obviously, Bounce is not ripe enough to be called a Hit song, it’s still very knew, and if I am not mistaken it will be release on the 3rd of August,which is Friday. When you listen to Bounce, you would know that Kobazzie is so hungry to get back on the Charts with a No 1 song, and his hunger was well served with a sound that would satisfy the soul. I could notice that Kizzy W was not under pressure to impress anyone. we already know our Liberian people, the Comparison between him and QB would resurrect, and they would start to weigh each person to know who is better than their friend. See, Let’s accept reality, so our hearts can be at peace and not worry ourselves about what is not.

Quincy B is dead and gone, all we have left is the beautiful genius of Kizzy W, just like what Kobazzie did to earn himself a potential hit song, we should give people their flower when they are alive. With proven facts, Kizzy W is the Best Producer in this country right now. Note me, this is not something I am saying because I am looking for words to make my article bulky. Yeah! We are all head over heels for the Master craft Duke Blac puts into his work, even CIC who is a brother and Former Label mate to Kizzy W Crowned Duke Blac King of Music Production in the Country. But I feel it’s too much respect for the Swag pro in-house Producer who still has a long way to wear the Crown Kizzy W has on his head. Now that we have this bombastic tune mehn! Let’s ‘Bounce’ to it [Laughs]. 

Download “| AUDIO” Kobazzie-Bounce-Prod.-Kizzy-W.mp3 – Downloaded 7234 times – 5 MB



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