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SOFT SPOT WITH ELIC-JALEIBA: The return of Bucky Raw to Pro Poor Liberia is his doom. Yes or No?

He may have arrived in chains (Handcuffs) just the same way his forefathers where shipped into slavery far away from home, but the difference is that Bucky Raw was sent back home into his own land to become a slave. What a world? I remember the first time I ever watched Bucky Raw do his thing, that was two years was a rap cypher video where Liberian rappers based in the States came together to represent each of their counties in a battle that didn’t involve no spilling of blood, but just some real spitting of bars in the nastiest(coolest) way you can ever have it. Truth be told, I said something like this when the Video ended, and I was referring directly to the guy that was representing Nimba County, “Wow! This guy can compete with the likes of Nigeria and African rap legends Mode Nine and M.I mehn! If he eventually comes back home someday, He alone would be the entire rap game”, My friends had a comic relief from what I said, but honestly speaking my people, that was how I worshipped Bucky Raw that day. Yeah o! I never knew my dream was going to come through in a way that would be interpreted as one of his greatest nightmares. I have only spent few months in my country during this period, after spending practically all my life in Nigeria mehn! From the age of two, came back in my twenties. You wouldn’t expect me to be happy that every good thing about this country’s entertainment happened outside its shores(The Classy Award Shows and so on mehn!).The Rural to Urban drift was so high, it was more as if no one cared about this nation, but only to seek greener pastures somewhere else. I was so welled up by this and the Bucky Raw Video, that I had to pen these words down.I needed to give myself hope mehn!

“Is it a downfall when you find yourself in a pit of gold? lol…Suffering seems to be a point of view,Where people find themselves is not of so much importance like what they do with where they find themselves.I strongly believe that Greatness isn’t a geographical location or a set of people,but the heart you carry.A man can find himself in a desert and still make it a paradise with lakes,islands and so on…The Arabs proved that to us*smiles* Isn’t Dubai beautiful?winks

Our state of mind benefits us when love is all we count as an asset”.

It’s two years after, and Liberia isn’t just a poor nation but a Pro Poor Land of Liberty[Laughs]. It may sound awkward, But do you know that things changed for good in 2018? Look at the Entertainment world carefully and tell me that we are not richer and prosperous than we use to be. Artist in Liberia are no longer struggling at the American Embassy just because they have to travel for an award show that they were nominated for, and with that they refuse to return to their own country and stick there for a better life. Artist bus stop is no longer those partial and funny funny award ceremonies mehn! But world class tours: Kobbazzie at the Acana Festival, Deng at One Africa Fest , The Commamder in Chief himself CIC touring Australia, and our R&B King Kizzy W setting off to tour the United States. See, Great Award Ceremonies are now hosted in our home Liberia; that are more relevant than the one’s our people said they were hosting in another man’s land. Blogging is now a huge force in our Entertainment.I am still humbled mehn! Imagine someone like me being an award winning best blogger in this nation. Actually, I would gladly thank those that religiously followed my contents on our website knowing fully well that there’s a difference between those ladies in the state that are selfishly spoiling the face of blogging with their ignorance and personal interest, and a young soul like me whose Art is online journalism, and culture is entertainment, with a fully devoted spirit embodied in the desire to create a rapid growth and development in the Liberian Entertainment Industry with his beautiful mind.

When names like Dj Blue or O’Neal Roberts are mentioned, what should be given is a standing ovation. These are men that have added a new twist to the game with their involvement in politics, Now Entertainers are seen as people that have a lot to offer in the Society. Dj Blue also came from the background of being a deportee. He must have felt totally depressed by the state of the nation when he arrived, but now the Dj Blue that we all know is living large and no doubt one of the best things that has happened to Liberian Entertainment. Bucky raw will do very well in this nation, the only mistake he shouldn’t make is bring himself too low. As we all know, we Liberians get tired with people and things quickly.

He should avoid passing around and rubbing his face all over , we are already used to him being scarce due to his stay in the states, so now he has to really work on that mehn! Trust me, as an Entertainer Scarcity brings high demand.So Bucky your fate is in your hands.


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