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SPICY TRENDS: MC Caro a Superstar on the Horizon with a Mission

MC Caro is a Liberian female MC who has come to stay, not only that, she has in her words “come to change the narrative that female artistes are lazy”.

Like a wildfire, she is blowing hot out of nowhere and now the streets of Liberia are asking, who is this busty ebony female MC? Signed to PRICE RECORDS, her Talents were recognized and scoute by another PRICE RECORD A-list Artiste Pillz whom by the way needs no introductions as far as Liberian entertainment goes, that’s how well the ZOKO, DIVA Queen is on top of her game right now. Signing MC Caro turned out to be a great move evidence by the spicy joints MC Caro has released thus far.

MC Caro may be a hardcore rapper but she’s a down to earth person, Humble and easy to talk to. When asked about the reality of the industry and how she would rate it from 1 to 10, these were her responses “The entertainment industry has experienced some positive changes however,we still have a long way to go in order to compete continentally, and globally. First Liberian Artistes must improve their songs to meet international standards because not everyone speaks or understands koloqua. As rating goes, I give the industry 3/10.

Another thing to mention Is the lack of gender balance in the industry, female artiste don’t receive credits that male artists get. even thou the female work twice as hard as the male. Also, managers are loosing because fees For studio sessions has skyrocketed and we get no royalties from the songs being downloaded on the internet,this is very frustrating! “.

Every time you ask a female in entertainment industry, in sports and other career fields, this is what you’ll hear, women not being recognized or appreciated as the men in sports,entertainments And some career fields.if you’re a female in a male dominated field (the rap game), you gotta bring, keep bringing It nonstop and make sure the heat burns deep. I mean Nicki Minaj, Cardi B can pull crowds larger than most male MCs nowadays and what’s the secrets? They kept their eyes on the prize.

They knew they were in an unfamiliar terrain but the drive to be a success in this discipline got them where they are right Grind till you shine. Put in work, let your content speak for you. Get more creative, improve, practice, relax,be patient,focus on your goals and Have faith. Put out premium stuffs.

Knowing these things, Our busty ebony MC say she’s not letting up as she is focused on carving a name for herself in the ever growing industry. The good news is, MC Caro is cooking something massive in the studios plus she’s looking to tap up King of Trapco Bucky Raw and Jue dem Bonny dust Christoph The Change on some of her upcoming projects.

MC Caro also has a passion for acting so movie directors, there you go. This is to tell y’all the girl mean business. MC Caro biggest inspiration and idols are Tupac and Notorious B.I.G.

We wish you a fruitful career MC Caro

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