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SPOTLIGHT: Reasons Why Kizzy W Music is Extraordinary in the Liberian Music Industry

The former SOG Record Empire artist Kizzy W who is now signed to a record label in Nigeria that goes by the name SNG, there’s no doubt that he represents a grim picture of the Liberian Music industry. No matter how hard Liberians try to sleep on him, he leaves them with no choice but to like him and embrace his music cause he’s a born star and is very good at what he does.

I must admit, there are lots and lots of great and wonderful artists in Liberia that sings and have a really nice tone but Kizzy is just something else that you can’t just figure out easily. There are lots of reasons why Kizzy W music is super amazing more than anyone else in the Liberian Music industry but i will just talk about few.

The first thing I’m going to talk about is his Tone. His tone is very unique and passionate. You feel the passion and emotions in his voice when ever you hear him sing, like you’re in a situation and it’s like he’s actually singing about you. Secondly, he’s a Lyricist. He composes his songs well and knows exactly what to say at the right time.

He does not get you confused thinking about what he’s actually saying. Thirdly, there are meaningful messages in every Kizzy W song. Each time he sings, he tries to send a message out to his fans which is clear and well understood. I could go on and on but the last thing I’m going to talk about why his music is Extraordinary in the Liberian Music industry is the extra energy and inspiration that comes along with his music.

DOWNLOAD: Kizzy W – One Day [Prod. II]

I once said in one of my stories that being a musician does not only have to do with having nice beats and a nice tone. As a good musician, you should be able to inspire, transform, motivate and lift up people spirits when ever they listen to your songs. let someone who is sad, heart broken and weak be able to gain strength by just listening to your song.

DOWNLOAD: Kizzy W – Weak [Prod. I I]

Don’t just fall in love with the idea of being a musician, but you should be able to make positive impact on people’s lives. Imagine you listening to a song that speaks directly to your situation, it’s an amazing and a very wonderful feeling listening that song and feeling like the person singing is actually singing about you.

That’s why sometimes we even shed tears by just listening to music. That’s how you know music is powerful cause music speaks for us when we are not bold enough to speak out, and we also use music to express how we feel about our love ones when we don’t have the guts to face them. Talking about Kizzy W, his music possesses all of these qualities and that’s what makes him exceptional.

No matter how much you hate Kizzy W, you can not deny the fact that he is a star and he is super talented. I can also say he is magical and transforms music just like Davido, because anything he puts his hands on and add his voice to issa bomb. No need to say this cause you already know. Eric Geso latest hit song”Taya” and kizzy w two new songs “One day” and “Weak” are common examples of what I’m talking about.

It was a very wonderful time writing this story,

hope you enjoyed reading it. Thanks for reading……..


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