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STRAIGHT TALK: The One With the Mantle to Carry on Quincy B Dreams

Follow the way where there’s no path and leave a trail. That would be your legacy and it will live on forever. Quincy B was that guy who went in a different directions, made life out of those paths and gave the industry an extra edge, he will forever be a legend, whosoever wants to fill in his shoes must be willing and ready to trek an unconventional paths QB was on before his demise.

Yung Classic has made that his mission knowing he may loose some industry colleagues in the process, he may step on some foes toes because they say “Truth Hurt” and the only people being hated on are the ones achieving “Success”. Young Classic may come up against some walls that he’ll have to break down on his own but he’s determined to be successful in an unconventional way.

Because of his hard hitting truth, some artists have refused to work with him even when he send them beats. Don’t get it mixed up thou, Yung Classic is a household name in the Liberian entertainment. He was dropping mad hits when QB (may his soul rest in peace) was alive and he had continue to do so but music is also about business,t he other side of show business that many Liberians artists don’t have clues about. Some are great talents but have poor visions and business pedigrees. They want to be successful financially but have poor marketing scales.

Young Classic real names are JACOB CARTER SMITH, born March 27,1990 in Du port road, Monrovia. Attended primary and secondary schools in Liberia And Ghana. He holds certificates in sound engineering, advance technology and graphic designing. Young Classic is the first Liberian rap artist in Liberia to release three mixtape albums on three consecutive years with the latest title RISEN.

Presently Young Classic is in Ghana on a business trip, he is expected to meet up with Ghanaian dancehall superstar King Shata Wale whilst he’s keeping his eyes on working with WIZKID, AYO, BALOGUN, Shata Wale himself and AKON In the nearest future.

On his advice for the underground/upcoming artists, these are his words ” Firstly lots of people that making hits songs in Liberia are still underground but don’t know because we from Liberia where favoritism rule over real talent, so I want the underground artists to focus on reality cause fame is nothing when reality is not in the mix. Fame and money don’t make u a legend but truth and humanity, to my fans I just want to say a big thanks for being with me over the pass years and still with me. I love them and nothing will stop me from doing what I do cause I do it for them n let them keep supporting me, lots of bigger plans not just for my team but for my fans also.

What an inspirational young man he is.

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