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“Biggie Bogo Media “The Newest Record Label Intown

As the Music Industry in Liberia continues to improve on a daily basis with changes in the sound production, and appearances of the artists in social media and talk shows. Investors and well meaning Liberians have swiftly started replying to these progress by making huge and candid investments into the industry. One of quite recent investment is the one from Trumpet D a Liberian artists and business man who also thought to wise to impact the younger generation and those kids out there who have the talents to reach their goals. Trumpet D is one of a kind in the industry and went through struggles and tough times to gain prominence in the industry and as a way of paying back positively to the industry. He has craftily set up one of Liberia’s newest and hottest Record Label, BIGGIE BOGO. Biggie Bogo which means Inspiration is also of the name of his two years old son Biggie. It was founded, January 1, 2018 and currently has four artist under it’s name. Trumpet D who is also the CEO is one of those, along with Spata, and Jowey. Biggie Bogo is set to bring up talented kids who have the talents but don’t have the necessary support or are somehow incapacitated to foster their career to the nest level. This Label is first of its kind and with an artist as its head, it is sure to bring out all of the best that’s hidden in the industry. Especially with Trumpet D knowing the Dos, Donts, Ins and outs of the industry, it’s going to serve as a great opportunity for young artists who are interested in pushing the game, he’s also going to serve as their mentor and with support from the fans and general public those artist will suddenly reach their peak. The Record is currently accepting interest from all artist having the game at heart and the passion to do their best in reaching to the top. Liberia Entertainment is definitely getting to Uighur heights, all we need is patience, focus, support, and investments such as these. But as it is often said the journey of a hundred miles begins with a single step. Congratulations Trumpet D, and I hope Liberians can take advantage of this opportunity and join forces together to help move the industry forward.

Written by: Aketella Kerkula Blama [Editor Plusliberia]

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