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A-list artist can’t always get it right, especially when it comes to what they Wear. We would think the entertainment circle is all about fun and free time, until you realize that they are very busy moments, points that you don’t even have time for yourself, and it’s a must for you to look good. They are Entertainers that have continuously impressed us with their knowledge on how to dress, even when they are not on the red carpet. Funny enough, artist like this see everywhere they go as red carpet, even when they find themselves on water, they must dress to kill [Laughs].


Deng has found his name written in this category of ever ready celebrities, and he recently showed us an example in a picture he took on a bridge in a place believed to be in the United States of America.Time flies, if you want to act as if you don’t know that, please take a careful look at Deng’s dreads and tell me that it is not growing in a fantastic form? Chey! There was a time that his hair was actually little o!’s obvious that we shouldn’t overlook humble beginnings[Laughs].


What’s more attractive to our eyes is the colour of the hair, and in this particular picture it has a perfect blend with his draft shirt that has a goldish brown colour positioned closely to the colour black.The draft shirt covers a black round neck that matches a well fitted black jeans and black shoes that’s just muah! as a lady would say.

His combination is well detailed, then he brushes it up with nice bling and dark sunglasses…We need to find Deng’s stylist cause he did a great job. And if this was squarely put together by the Superstar, then I must say that the next thing I would love to hear is that Deng is Launching a clothing line.


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