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NEXT RATED: Who is Lusher?


NEXT RATED: Who is Lusher?

Every single day in the world talents are being discovered, and Superstars are being made. Henry Socrates Dolley who is often called by his stage name Lusher is just one artist that most be discussed. He is not the regular upcoming artist that we come across on a normal day, he would tell you that he doesn’t really think there’s really anyone that loves music like he does, because his love for music makes him feel as if his life depends on it, and he is forever ready to do all he can to push his dreams through.

Hmm… what a passionate soul? The name Lusher sounded familiar to me, so I asked him how he got his stage name. With a smile on his face, he explained: He said when he was a kid he was a very big fan of Usher Raymond, He loved imitating how Usher danced and sang until he got so popular in his neighborhood for this act, and from nowhere this similar name Lusher just got attached to him from people.

So when he decided to take music serious as a career the only name that was perfect to use was the name Lusher. Lusher has had his up’s and down’s in Life, and this has inspired him to do music that touches the heart. Lusher’s official single “Weeping Mother” allows us to see through his life experience of having to lose his mom at a young age and how he had to encourage himself even though it was tough to deal with. I spoke to him about the song, and he told me that the song was quite challenging cause he had a lot to say that would practically take hours but he just had to narrow everything down on a 4minutes instrumental made by an excellent producer Slimbeatz.

Lusher spoke about his future in music. He said he has a lot of projects down for release but he is not rushing it, and that’s because he is still very new to the game, so his songs will be dropped at when due, and he is sure of a positive feedback from his fans and the Liberian people. Interviewing Lusher was great, all I can say right now is watch out for him.

DOWNLOAD: Lusher Feat. Stanze -Weeping Mother-


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