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PLAY OR NOT: Now that CIC, Margas and Feuols have dropped “All to you”, Do you think it’s worth the hype?

PLAY OR NOT: Now that CIC, Margas and Feuols have dropped “All to you”, Do you think it’s worth the hype?

CIC – Margas – Feouls

The chorus, Hmm! Could it have come better than it did? These are words that we are so familiar with, ” I give it all to you, I give it all to you Papey. I give it all to you, I give it all to you Papey. Leh your pekin here o! Ley your pekin here o! “. You wouldn’t tell me you have not said or heard something like this before? You must have? but the moment it hits your ear drums it produces a sound carrying a message that feels so new, like you’re just coming across these words. It draws your consciousness to a world painted with a grateful heart. It would be too much talking if I start to narrate what inspired CIC, Margas, and Feouls to do this collaboration, it’s really hard to say that there’s no Liberian that doesn’t know what happened to them in that fatal car accident? The only thing I can say as I speak is RIP Quincy B.

What was your expectation when you heard that a tribute song was coming from the trio? I had some fears though… You can remember “brother” remix? The original was so exceptional, the remix got me so upset because I felt Quincy’s death would prompt the artists to deliver an award winning tribute song, but sorry to say… my people that song for me is trash. Chilla Coolnanee apologized for his poor efforts on the song through his lyrics as he rapped, but for real that’s not an excuse. A rapper is always a rapper whether rain or shine, What if he was in the car, would he say he won’t tell his story beautifully? Scientific proved to us that he his an all time best, let’s ignore his sudden silence in the game now, but on his tribute his words where so powerful that it could resurrect the Wonder boy the late Quincy B.

Deng and Master Queen had the most loved tribute, and I wouldn’t be expecting you to ask why? Deng sang as if he was having a one on one discussion with the Late genius, which was heavily escorted with a heart melting spoken words by the Queen. Let’s go back to my fear… I had no doubt about CIC, he doesn’t joke with what he knows how to do best, and that’s music. I felt he would rap on the track but the living legend didn’t worry but laid back and relaxed on the hook as if he knew Margas and Feouls would do justice to the sixteen bars. I couldn’t see things from the eye point of the Cralorboi, so i predicted that Feouls was going to fumble, and felt Margas would just give us something we won’t complain about but it wouldn’t blow our minds. “Now I know what it takes to be a man” This was altered by the model like artist Feouls, and obviously we can all say that since the death of his close friend and former label mate, he retired from being a tag along to stand out boldly to breakthrough into a Man of his own and a true superstar. As for Margas, he gave us a picture framed with lyrical excellence. Check out one of his lines “Wicked people them all in your mist, Some of them turned to spider web all in your face”.

I trust that this song would forever be on your playlist, and I am not exaggerating. Just the instrumental alone produced by the rising king Duke Blac would earn your respect any day, anytime. Let’s give it all to the Papey, he deserves all the thanks whether it’s Palm butter and rice you have in your pot or it’s dry rice you ate today. Rest in peace Quincy B, and also to Bright O Bright(Aletha C Blamo) who lost her life onSunday in a very similar way to that of the musical legend.

God wouldn’t stop being God even in the worst situations, it can be hard to trust God sometimes but the only exit out of pain and difficulty is to keep your faith strong. “All to you” could be seen as an extension or remix of Pray by CIC. Download this song now!!!

DOWNLOAD – Margas x CIC x Feouls -All 2 You- [Prod. Duke Blac]


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