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PLUS ENTREPRENEUR: The Inside out of Tmark & Uprok Events

This is one guy that makes you wake up on a Monday morning for work, and the next thing you start to think about is how hard you want to party on a Friday night. The moment his company Uprok Events kicked off “Friday 4 Everybody” balling in Monrovia has been up the rock, totally lit I must tell you.Why did he choose to entertain people when he is not CIC, Angel Michael or Bucky Raw? As for me, the true entertainers are not those that go on the stage to perform, but those that create the stage for performance, our event planners and event promoters. While talking to Tmark Korpu, I realized that the Liberian Entertainment Industry is Financially weak because events are poorly hosted. Many Artist and top managers in countries where entertainment is bringing in millions of dollars daily will tell you that the main source of the wealth they have is the frequent shows and concerts they host. Tmark buttressed this by saying this to me, ” If someone like Deng or CIC can fill stadiums in nimba, Maryland and other counties, capture every part of Liberia with explosive performances, then it would be easy to go International as they should, because charity begins at home. You can’t fill a stadium in another man’s country if you have not done that in your own country. Davido and WizKid conquered Nigeria before they conquered the world”. I listened to him carefully, and I must tell you, I enjoyed his truth. He was happy to tell me about the huge success the Uprok Event team has made with Nuchie Meek’s ongoing tour, the show at Kakata was a blast, Ganta was epic, and other cities to come will also be great. This was his way of telling me that he is already providing solutions to the problems he complained of.

Tmark is someone with so much experience at his field of interest. So I asked him, when did this all start? From his answers you would know that his Genesis wasn’t at Swag District, even though he had plenty of room to express his leadership and event planning skills at the organization as Vice-president. Tmark took me back to when he was at Konola Academy SDA mission (boarding school), and from here all I could see was a Lil Tmark that was always into things. His voice became thicker as he explained his good deeds.”I served as the class treasurer from 7 to 12 grade. I started planning events for the schools class league at 10 grade . When I was in 11 grade I was the director of the press club.” He was glad to tell me all this until he reached where he lost the election to be president in 12th grade to a girl. He made it clear to me that the girl he lost the election to was not an ordinary girl because as at then her Grandmother was the President of the nation and the little girl was very intelligent too and influential like him, So she was an hard nut to crack. Tmark said his defeat didn’t stop him from forging ahead. He was not President but he did all he ever dreamt of doing as the President. Tmark said and I quote, “I wanted to show them I was the best choice. I renovated the school clinic, I donated drugs to the student. For the first time in the school history since 1935, I renovated the Palava hut. I painted the school church. Right after the election I hosted a unification tournament. During my leisure time in school I used to go to the junior high to teach them about ICT.” What a wow? Cool…Tmark is a remarkable personality.

What led to you creating Uprok Events? I asked because I wanted to know if he had issues with his brothers at Swag District, and he said no! because the same time he started Uprok Events, Swag District where also into hosting and planning events. This is what Tmark had to say, “I had a project in Nigeria with Miss Nigeria, Microsoft and Aisec for me to train various high school students ICT during the summer school. I needed funds, Swag District couldn’t host a new show to generate money cause it just did, so I had to think out of the box because I really wanted this opportunity. So that’s how I thought of hosting an independence day red, white and blue party at Celavi former gossip club.I used the money from my first Uprok event to volunteer and make myself available as an ICT Expert in 5 States in Nigeria educating high school kids. I did it all for charity.” Do you still do Charity? He answered and said yes! “Uprok have had two charity events this year. Four months ago we helped a popular poet Beulah Nimene host a poetry night for chariity, and all proceeds went to some kids in bong county that didn’t have items for school. She came to us for help and we gave all our resources out for that course. The second Charity event was for Steam Liberia. It’s an NGO that supports Orphans by sending them to school. Our event for Steam Liberia was very successful, and all funds went straight to the NGO. We even pledged to pay one of the kids tuition the moment the new academic year starts.” Tmark is someone that believes in team work, and for some of you that know Tmark you would certainly know the name Sheik Mohammed. So I said to him, you and Sheik seem to be like Batman and Reuben, How long has this tag team been existing? “I and Sheik where classmates until 10grade when he left my school to another school. And moreover I was a good friend to his dad cause we shared the same interest in ICT, and that was another boost for I and sheik’s friendship. Sheik is a very intelligent young man. He was the one that brought up the Friday 4 Everybody thing. We had to think deep about it so it wouldn’t flop, and with what we have , it’s a success. When I started Uprok Events Sheik wasn’t a part of it, but shortly in the same year 2016, Sheik joined the team, and now he is the manager of Uprok Events.” Talking about relationships, I moved from Sheik and asked him if he had a girlfriend.

Guess what he said? Yeah he said Yes! Definitely he would have one, but you know this big celebs and how private they can be about their relationships, but Tmark was real and open about his relationship. He spoke in so much adoration about her, and wasn’t shy to say how much he loves her.He spoke about how she joins the Uprok team sometimes to lend an helping hand, this got me excited, So I asked him on how it makes him feel, He said “It’s actually good to have your partner work with you when you’re at your struggling age, because she will value everything you give her, and will always encourage you”. I asked Tmark about his Philosophy, and he said to me ” I don’t want people to be enslaved “. Tmark revealed to me that he resigned from the post of junior sales and marketing executive at Farmington Hotel because he felt the way he was being treated by a particular boss he had then was against his philosophy. This Philosophy inspired him after he resigned to host an Uprok Event in collaboration with Yocel at the US Embassy ” I mentorship Entrepreneur Breakfast ” Where 65 youths where inspired and educated on Leadership. Tmark Korpu is still a very young guy but has done so much that those with grey hair maybe tempted to call him Brabi.He was Nominated in two categories in the Liberia Youth Awards this year. This is the inside out of Tmark and Uprok Events, Hope you enjoyed reading?



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