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SOFT SPOT WITH ELIC-JALEIBA: The Liberian Government is a Caricature of Democracy for Detaining and Dehumanizing Afordoe. True or False?


As each day fades into another day, I tend to feel that this nation is sinking into an unrecoverable depth of doom. Can the Liberian National Police provide a concrete reason for putting the Ace Music Producer Afo4doe behind bars? Did you people find the $100 million dollars in his possession? If not, why was he tortured, swept away off his right as a citizen and bundled into the den of criminals? The security of this country already has a question mark placed on it’s credibility, because we the people are still on the math of how a container with millions of dollars in it, transported from Freeport with Police escorts dovetailing it to the Central bank, will get missing without any trace. Even if I had the brain of Albert Einstein i won’t waste my time to solve this problem with any serious formula but common sense, and that’s because it’s simple math mehn! The container was escorted by security right? Have those guys been interrogated or even detained until a useful information can be derived? But since everything looks like an arranged crime, an inside work, our security arm is so idle that all they can do out of their free time of not having anything to investigate and so bored of controlling traffic is to dehumanize us the victims of this heavy robbery.

I was in a taxi, and I got engaged by this ring of discussion, where a bittered citizen told me that we are being lied to, that the container didn’t leave the port. He told me that he believes that the money was secretly moved from the container into another means of transportation and taken out of the port. This is something that is easy to believe, but at the same time, it may not just be what happened, but what seems good to him and to me is that he shared his thoughts freely.

If a Zoko or a rogue as we may call them snatch your bag from you at red light, won’t you raise an alarm to be saved from your predicament? What Afordoe and his Artist Kpanto who managed to flee arrest “Foot helps the body” did isn’t different from the case study I gave. Should our tongue be tied to silence? The song “Bring back our container” is everywhere, and that song is a complete image of how we all feel at the moment. Afordoe’s arrest isn’t enough o! if the Liberian National Police want to be sure that they have done their job perfectly, then they should arrest every Liberian citizen, torture us as if our soul isn’t bruised already, because we are all crying out for a solution, and if that is a crime? Then we wouldn’t mind going behind bars too.

There’s a picture of the President that is so epic, I love it so much. That picture was taken with the late president and freedom fighter of south Africa, Nelson Mandela.

If the Great Mandela was alive, it would have been a blessing to his aging eyes to see the Football Legend be the President of his nation. But do you feel after few months he would be proud of all that’s happening in Liberia, especially with the fact that people are deprived of their rights to speak up? This is democracy, not an autocratic government where veto power and nonsense goes, See! there’s check and balance in a Democratic government… Please the people should be allowed to express their Democratic rights peacefully without obstruction.

God bless our nation Liberia, God bless H.E Dr. George Manneh Weah President of Liberia and his dreams of making mama Liberia a better state.

DOWNLOAD: Kpanto x Afo4doe -Bring Our Container Back-


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