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SPOTLIGHT: The Journey of Snoti the Musical goddess


SPOTLIGHT: The Journey of Snoti the Musical goddess

SNOTI is made for stardom and built for success. They say “you have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose, you know what you know. And you are the person who’ll decide where to go” and It was clear from the beginning where Snoti wanted to go, whom she wanted to be, What her goals are, her self confidence in her artistry resonates in all of her Projects.

She is a gift to music, a precious Jewel unearthed to give credence and values to entertainments, a voice like no other, a heart full of patriotism and love, discipline, hungry for success, hungry for knowledge and wisdom.

You know A man paints with his brains and not with his hands because a trained mind is the greatest weapon to defeat outer and inner forces, it is also the key to unlock potentials and capabilities.

Snoti is well a rounded personality. Snoti writes all of her songs, but she’s open to working with any amazing Song writer In the future. My curious mind had me asking her what’s it is like being SNOTI the SUPERSTAR and SNOTI JAPPAH? she told me Snoti Jappah is a sister, a friend, aunt and a daughter. She hold a degree in Journalism and Mass communications. The last of 8 adorable children of her parents whom are educators. Snoti Jappah is fun loving, Humble, caring, loves cracking jokes and baking cornbread,While SNOTI the SUPERSTAR is a singing god, a miracle in the booth, an angel in front of the camera and back stage as well. Snoti the superstar is a hard worker, a fashionista and a true Patron/ambassador to African arts, culture, heritage and products. Her Fashion sense is topnotch,We must also give credits to her fashion designer LEHLEH EMPIRE (FASHION BRAND).

Branding is major in show business and snoti has also mastered the craft. On her first EP and the inspiration behind the song L.O.V.E and the level of professionalism displayed on the record, she said “Prior to L.O.V.E I had not yet released an afro pop tune. I was just wrapping up my EP, my first project. It was necessary that I had an afroPop song on there, it didn’t feel complete without it. The EP is a collection of sounds that make up who I am and the different genres I listen to. So it was easy and necessary. That’s when L.O.V.E happened. I fell in love with the beat within the first 5 seconds of listening. Literally lol. I wrote the entire song within an hour. I wrote the hook first and after that it all came together. I just had a feeling that people would L.O.V.E it😂 see what I did there? Anyway, the beats inspired the whole concept,which inspired the lyrics, I figured that would be something anyone can relate to.

It’s hard not to Concur because so good is the quality of the song/EP and video that she got several nominations and won awards for her artistry.
The real geniuses they say, simply have their bright ideas closer together. Yes that’s Snoti! Her mind, imaginations, creativities are one of a kind. She’s calculative and that’s why Her next project WANNABE featuring Jodi Clarke Jr. Was also an instant hit. Ever since SNOTI stepped on the scenes, She’s Been on flyers of Almost every Major events in the United States, rocking shows with heavyweights in Africa and the US. She’s one of the most Sought-after African artists in the diaspora right now. The thing is, Jodi don’t usually jump on any song unless it’s classic. Snoti is extra special So taping up Jodi to her song was not going to be a problem frankly. So how did WANNABE come together? how is working with Jodi Clarke Jr. Mr classic like? She said ” I’ve always admired Jodi’s work. I see him as a SUPERSTAR. I was nervous at first but took a leap of faith and reached out to him. He was humble and gracious and asked us to send him the beat. I sent the song first draft and he liked it, recorded his part and sent it over. It was an honor to do a song with him. One of my favourite records till date” just like that, a hit record was created by two naturally gifted superstars.

Snoti is about writing hit songs, Snoti is about premium quality, Snoti is about Show business, she’s about the Golden voice and so much more. She recently dropped a cover Song for the British sensation Sam Smith Too Good At Goodbye, a Song she made her own with an extraordinary vocal flexibility. Her vocal prowess is a wonder.


Recently, she was booked to perform at the BET showcase where She dazzled the audience to a spectacular and electrifying performances. Of course! That’s what Snoti is about, spectacles. That night at the BET SHOWCASE, She and YEMI ALADE were Spotted together, judging by the chemistry and bond, we won’t be surprise when both of them hit the booth.

Another Snoti buzz Right now Is her latest Song DON’T KNOW. the record has been receiving massive airplay and positive reactions across the globe. With her visionary team, they successfully negotiated with BOSS TV,A cable TV station in The UK to aire her songs while another global cable channel International.

AFRICA is the next Goal, other major channels soon to follow afterwards. Another Intelligent business Moves to expand her brand, label and fan base by her vibrant team. Continue to spread your wings, your empire Snoti. More awards and recognitions to you.


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