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PLUS WEDDINGS: Popular Entertainment Tycoon King Jafar and Girlfriend of five years set to get Married on October 20

I always have my ears to the ground, and I do this to monitor the footsteps and direction of our celebrities. it’s very rare for us to find an entertainer walk the bridleway of marriage. The multiple girlfriends or boyfriends that they have doesn’t allow them think straight. so what must have pushed the Brabi into making this critical decision? What’s really happening to King Jafar? He is barely in the news, you must be glad that you have him right in your hands, there is no escaping today.

Lovetee is a name that must have played into your ears through the radio, a sound box at a party or through the lips of King Jafar’s favourite son CIC. It was a song that got us assuming that CIC’s girlfriend’s name is lovetee, and also it made every girl baring that name to be proud to have that 7 letters word as their identity, it made each girl that had that name feel that the song was for her.

To few people’s knowledge, CIC was only expressing the thoughts of his boss for his gorgeous baby mama who has a son for him. Hmmm…..How did King Jafar and Lovetee meet? It was in Guarantee Trust Bank o! Those days when the Brabi was working there 5 years ago. Obviously it was a tough task for him to resist her beauty.Before he could take a step to approach her, he was already in love. Since they met in the bank, maybe that’s why CIC gave us a hint on how it all began in the song “Lovetee”.

The Cralorboi said this in the song he wrote and sang on behalf of the tycoon, “They Benjamin lolo for you, you force to pass o”.October 20 would be a made in heaven event for the King and his Queen, imagine the musicians and celebrities that will grace the occasion, it would be like a concert instead of a wedding. His record label has given us hit love songs apart from “Lovetee” and so many more from CIC, We have Kizzy W’s “Wait na” to Jaredo’s “wait for you and Nobody”, L Drez is just coming but his new songs with Jaredo will certainly be performed at the event.

Lovetee should be graduating from African Methodist Episcopal University soon.We heard that King Jafar made some millions recently, he just paid for a world class studio around UN Drive worth ten thousand us dollars, so the money to give Lovetee her dream wedding is not a problem. Hmm…King Jafar Hope I will be getting an invitation?[Laughs].


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