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The first thing you feel when you have to carry your child for the first time after delivery is this unique weight of responsibility. You realize that it’s not just a baby you have wrapped up in your arms, but your heart in the full glory(image) of another human. Watching over that Child is like having a second chance to relieve your live again, but this time through someone else that has your DNA. You may want to be overprotective, because you don’t want your child to make the mistakes you made while growing up. And in some cases, may find yourself over pampering your child, and that’s because you may not know how to control the deep affection you feel towards that seed God has given you to nurture into fruitfulness.
Have you seen pictures of celebrities and their kids on social media or on TV? You can be wowed by the perfection that’s being captured on Camera.

Do you think the happiness and parental love they portray to us their fans is actually true?
The conflict most superstars go through is trying to balance being a parent and also being a superstar. Most times, this doesn’t work because one just have to give way for the other. But to surprise you, Some celebs have proven to us that they are not horrible parents. I have a list and exclusive info of three amazing celebrity kids that have shown us that they have  Super Moms and Super dads.

Check the list below:

1)Ziggy Ray (The Son of Multiple Award winning videographer Lorenzo Loveland): Ziggy is a celebrity himself, and he has refused to hide behind his father’s image to make a name for himself. Just ten years old but the respect he gets from his fans is that of someone that is two or three times his age. Do you want to know how this superstar was born? Mehn! This is his father’s testimony, “Its the last thing that I ever expected to hear at that time because i was not in a relationship with Ziggy’s mother anymore. I was with someone else. So i was uneasy at first. But later calmed myself and accepted the situation as it is, Back in 2008.Ziggy was given birth to on April 29th 2009”. I won’t doubt that his testimony made you laugh, but the serious part of his story is so inspiring.The situation Lorenzo found himself would make any guy feel like taking the easy way out, and what is that easy way out ? Hmm…Abortion mehn! But with courage he acted as a man and took responsibility for someone that would forever make him a proud father.There is a lesson to be learnt here, and that is there’s always a blessing that comes with making a right decision even if you find yourself in a messy situation and under so much pressure. The name Ziggy rings a bell…Yes! The son of the Legend Bob Marley who is also a legend in a genre of music is father made great, Ziggy Marley. I did my research, and Ziggies have some characters: Ziggy is a name for people that are Prodigious. Ziggies are talkatives. Ziggies tend to be abnormally strange. Some Ziggies are really cool though e.g Ziggy Ray.There are extra things you should know about this young superstar. Ziggy’s favourite colour is Red. Ziggy wouldn’t mind eating Okra stew and rice the whole day because that’s his favourite food[Laughs].His favourite cartoon is transformers, His hobbies are: Playing video games, dancing, playing soccer and performing at events.Ziggy listens to other rappers apart from himself, to interest you; is favourite rapper is Christoph. Ziggy has other talents than rapping and dancing, Ziggy is a good drummer and he can play the piano.


2) Royalty Tori Floyd (Daughter of Actress and Social Media Influencer Karishma Pelham-Raad AKA Karishma DeQueen & Musician
Tomah Seh Floyd Jr. AKA TFloyd) The birth of this beautiful angel had a lot of tongues wagging and rumours spreading, some people felt Tfloyd is not the type of guy for a woman as classy as Karishma, and that’s because he is too young and not as independent as he should based on the gist that most of all he has is directly channeled from his wealthy dad. But Karishma who was formerly married ignored what people felt about her life, and took charge over her own happiness. Karishma for the first time allowed us into her private life as she spoke about her daughter. Karishma said and I quote, “We were told it’s a boy… So the name we had in mind was Tomah Seh Floyd III but then boom, she came… but I had also selected a book of other names and Royalty was one of them .. but (Tori)  Came from Tomah(To) & Karishma (Ri).. it’s a combination of us both!” Awwwwww…. isn’t that cute?. The name Royalty shows that her parents heart is her throne, but Tori which seems to be cropped from her parents name isn’t just something that represents a bond but has this deep meaning attached to it. Karishma said, “People with (Tori) name are competent, practical, and often obtain great power and wealth. They tend to be successful in business and commercial affairs, and are able to achieve great material and dreams. Because they often focus so strongly on business and achievement, they may neglect their private lives and relationships.”


Hmm… So with all these information revealed by her mom, we can tell the future of young Royalty. As much as Royalty is her mother’s princess, she’s also her father’s most priced jewel. Tfloyd made this known to the world when he recorded a special song for his daughter named “Royalty”. Karishma had this to say about Tfloyd and Royalty’s relationship, “My daughter’s favourite musician is her dad, and her favourite song was made for her by her Daddy (Tomah Seh Floyd Jr.) , which is installed on her teddy bear she sleeps with every-night… Her dad gave that to her on Christmas morning.. Dec 25th 2017, as her Christmas Present. If Royalty takes over her dad as an entertainer, she might want to be called Lady Blue, and why is this? Her mom revealed that blue is her favourite colour, you can’t separate her from the colour blue [Laughs]. Royalty favourite cartoon is the evergreen animation Lion King. She loves eating Noodles.
And her hobbies are: Watching Tv, using YouTube to watch cartoons & kids music videos, Singing and dancing.


3)Pray Joshua Fofana(Son of Popular blogger Anthony Fofana MV & Maudlin Alexis, Second runner up at Face of Paynseville 2014-2015): Almost every second on social media you find Anthony posting his son pictures, with all kind of great and heart touching captions. You would almost feel that is his only child.But the father of two, a boy and a girl, said he gets more emotional about his son pray because he constantly remembers the day he was given birth to. Anthony had this to say about Pray “My Son is Called Pray, Joshua Fofana, he’s my second child. I have a daughter who’s now going to be 6 on November 22.My son was born April 6, 2017.Am from a Muslim and Christian background and all I know about this both religion is that they have one thing in common to talk to God and that’s Prayer, and the day his mom was giving birth to him, all I did that whole night was to Pray in tears for a safe delivery of my son. And in my prayer what I asked God for that’s just what he gave to me. A boy and I named him, Pray. People felt he was going to be my junior(namesake) but I never did I called him Pray because no matter our religion we talk to God in the same way, and all we do is Pray. Just like my son pray, my mom also had trouble giving birth to me.Thatday is my first name before later they called me Anthony, the name that was given to me from birth.My mom was on oxygen for 2 weeks after delivery and i happened to be the only Child that she gave birth to, since things got complicated, leaving my other half behind. So my son pray is like my lost but found twin, he is not just a son to me.I am highly involved in every step of my son’s life”.What is Pray’s favourite cartoon? I asked his dad, and he said, “He loves that cartoon that dry thing can be dancing and every human taking after[Laughs], Dametopuseta. Anthony opened up to me that his son dancing ability is out of this world. He said, “Trust me, when that little boy hears Eric geso songs he can dance bad way.. he’s stylish, got his own style[Laughs].”He added that Pray is the biggest Eric Geso fan, and he has observed that Pray loves beats and instrumentals. I was wondering what was Pray’s favourite colour and favourite food, mehn! His dad said pray loves yellow and blue, and actually this colours go along with his character. pray’s favourite food is pepper soup, mehn! That boy loves life o! [Laughs]. With the training his father is giving him as a child, Pray would grow up into a very happy adult.

Thanks for reading and allowing yourself to be Inspired to raise amazing kids like our celebs.


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